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Rank On Google Using SEO

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Quickly, ranking high on Google is the most powerful thing a website owner can do to increase the notoriety and profitability of their site. Most people know this, but how to do it is a mix of science and art.

Step 1: Commitment to GREAT content (content is king)

Similar to having a website is not enough if no one ever visits, having a website with weak and un-useful content is a waste of time. The content goal of every site is to answer the questions that people have in the most engaging manner.

Achieving this goal takes having quality writers, great images, and making everything easy to find. When a website has excellent content, it will be bookmarked, it will be shared, and it will naturally generate incoming links.

Taking a look back at the history of Google search updates over the years, there has been an emphasis on quality content with a low bounce rate (people don’t come and quickly leave, but spend a bit of time on the site.)

Step 2: An Ethical Backlink Strategy

This can be a controversial subject because there are ethical and unethical ways to achieve backlinks. First, a backlink is a link from another website to your site. In the science and art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the ability to achieve QUALITY backlinks has a huge impact on where a website will rank in Google. Like expressed earlier, great content will naturally generate backlinks, but having an effective backlink strategy is essential.

Step 3: Multimedia (Video, Audio, and Quality Images)

Quality media on a site has several benefits: (1) It keeps people on the site for a longer amount of time (2) Professionalism (the site looks better and it is what is expected) (3) Allows for thorough explanations (4) Makes your content easy to share on social media.

Step 4: Get Social (Social Media)

Social media, depending on the type of website and business, is a no-brainer. Social media allows a company to connect with potential customers in ways that no other resource can allow. Paying attention to the trends in marketing, people (potential customers) want to do business with businesses that have a strong human element that pierces beyond the stone corporate wall.

Using Social Media effectively means greater connection, the chance to become more of a lifestyle brand, having people buy into the corporate origin story, and it also allows showcasing workers and inner corporate culture. The modern consumer wants these things, give them to them.

Step 5: Layout (UX/UI: User Experience and User Interface)

How a website is designed has a huge outcome on the enjoyment and ease of use of viewers. The easier things are the find the better, and the more logical the better.

It is all about giving an enjoyable experience while aligning with their expectations. Sites that are difficult to navigate and understand rare rank well in Google.

Step 6: Content Syndication (Broadcast)

So, a site has great content, it answers a lot of questions, it is evergreen, now is the time to share it with the world. Perhaps that means linking it to all social media platforms and other aggregators. Get the message out in an effort to give the world as many opportunities for people to interact.

Step 7: Call A Pro?

SEO is both art and science, it takes a lot of work, and not every company has staff who can handle these duties. When this is the case, it is time to find a quality SEO agency with a strong track record of ranking sites on Google.

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