08.07.2021 19:31

Quasacoins (QUA) have been sent to all participants in the QUASA AIO crypto crowdfunding campaign!

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Dear QUASA AIO participants!

Quasacoins (QUA) have been sent to all participants in the QUASA AIO!

You can check the enrollment of tokens in your personal account on KickICO. 

The QUA token is already on your KickWallet.

Follow to trade QUA tokens on UniSwap:

QUA:  https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x4daeb4a06f70f4b1a5c329115731fe4b89c0b227

Add liquidity to the QUA pool:

QUA:  https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0x4daeb4a06f70f4b1a5c329115731fe4b89c0b227/0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f/3000

We express our special gratitude to the KickICO / Kickex team for their professional work and for providing QUASA with the opportunity to become the first project on your platform!
Thanks to you, we got such a result!

Remote work comes naturally to many crypto teams because the products and protocols they develop are 🕸 decentralized.

“We believe metaverse & web3 represent the next generation of the internet, will reshape the way businesses & consumers engage, how we work"

For the Gen Z workforce 👨🏾‍🎤, future of work = metaverse 🛠️ 

​Crypto "enables teams to work remotely [without knowing each other]. They're just doing it online as a community, engaging in financial transactions together"
And as work decentralizes, peoples' dependence on single employers drops.

👀 To succeed at any level, orgs must build "a culture that encourages people to go the extra mile because of the value of the work that we are enabling." And to better encourage, orgs should share value (in #crypto) with those who build value

Connect more with your exceptional #remotework colleagues 🤝 by sharing real value (in #crypto) to recognize their work & contributions ⚒️

👀 Crypto is increasingly an important consideration for the digital native, #remotework workforce.

Share value 👐 with those who help you create value 🤝 And for the digital native workforce 👩🏾‍💻, value is increasingly defined in #crypto

Quasa is a Metaverse That Unites People. 
Your QUASA. Your Way!