18.09.2019 14:43

QUASA turns obsolete logistics into LOGISTICS 2.0

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QUASA was founded with the aim of solving the biggest problems faced by enterprises in world trade, namely those related to supply chain management.

Our solution requires a very complex blockchain technology, but our vision is quite simple:
Imagine a fully integrated system throughout the supply chain - from production to the moment of placing an order and dispatch from a factory, field or farm - to the delivery of the finished product to the customer’s doorstep.
Now imagine that the whole system is combined into decentralized distributed applications and transparent smart contracts with the blockchain.

This is QUASA, the future of supply chain management.

QUASA seeks to correct $ 15 trillion industry inefficiencies.

There are appropriate conditions for QUASA to gain a 1-2% share in the global freight forwarding market.
At QUASA, we have combined the two blockchain industries and logistics.
Monetization of services occurs at the last stage of each case of successful delivery in the form of a fee, instantly increasing the demand for tokens.

Income consists of several components:

1. Commissions from any financial transaction
2. Commissions from service providers
3. Subscribers or Saas Access Carriers
The platform will not “force” to combine all processes in existing and successfully operating companies, we will simply gradually supplement these processes or, invisibly to users, replace them with processes in the blockchain and train users.

Our team members successfully implemented logistics projects for government and commercial customers using distributed ledger technologies and smart contracts.

QUASA is a platform that connects cargo owners and carriers.

Without false modesty, we say that unlike all other logistics projects, which claim that they have something on the blockchain but cannot show now, we openly post a beta version of the QUASA blockchain application on the Google Playmarket.
The beta version is already connected to international transport companies, it can be tested both by the client and the carrier.
Team members have experience integrating on the blockchain with leading banks.
We are attracted to aviation, railway and maritime companies, government agencies and large organizations as consultants on blockchain solutions and smart contracts.
QUASA turns obsolete logistics into LOGISTICS 2.0
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