20.03.2021 16:05

QUASA (QUA) Project Reward Program Official Announcement “AIRDROP”

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QUASA (QUA) Project Reward Program Official Announcement “AIRDROP”

We glad to let the public know that QUASA has officially announced the beginning of the Reward program to the community and all interested persons will have to complete the required Tasks to be able to get Free QUA tokens and each person will get 100 QUA tokens per Airdrop claim in they Ethereum wallet address.

All interested person will have to fill in the Google form after the completion of the Tasks. This is required and each person is requested to complete all task rightly in order to earn the QUA tokens.

We shall announce the official dates when we will start the distribution of the Airdrop Tokens immediately after the Airdrop Close.

What is QUASA $QUA:

  • QUASA is a decentralized network connecting Freelancers and Customers together. $QUA is the governance token of the QUASA platform.
  • In the QUASA network, there are two participants: Freelancers and Customers.
  • Freelancers need to install the Quasa Connect mobile app to start completing Tasks.
  • Tasks: This is the job that Freelancers want to do.
  • Tasks are added to QUASA by Сustomers who need help

QUASA (QUA) Airdrop Program.

Each accepted campaign participant will receive 100 QUA to their ETH wallet.

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