17.11.2023 23:00

Quasa Network

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In QUASA, the attractor is the basic need of people from different countries, which they are now deprived of.

Investors do not understand and do not want to understand what the project does. But they are smart enough to understand that if we increase our customer base by 100%+ per month or more, and at least 20-30% of users stay with us for a year, then we are doing something cool. What exactly? Doesn't matter! Technology? Doesn't matter! Team? It absolutely doesn't matter!

An advanced investor under 30 who raised money on obscure crypto bullshit thinks like this: “We are seeing growth, retention and conversion, and while all this is rushing, we will flood you with money. Here's how to inflate your capitalization, don't worry about it. We'll figure it out ourselves. You do what people want"

We are growing 100% per month. Interesting?

You don't need 12 slides, 15 slides, whatever f...ing slides.
One phrase: We are growing > 100% per month. Interesting? Press the button. Do not you like it? If you want someone to prove something to you - sorry bro, you're late.

When the price becomes exorbitant, it becomes a problem. Business solves the problem.

In fact, we have a complete ban on remote work between many countries due to different currencies, as well as the cost of converting and transferring fiat money is a problem, and therefore the search for a solution to this problem becomes attractive, as it promises benefits.

A $150 trillion market is at stake = this is the price of the problem.

Business seeks to reduce costs and QUASA offers an alternative approach that solves this problem 10-20-50 times cheaper.

By bringing together the best minds in global trade, information security, blockchain and artificial intelligence, QUASA aims to eliminate inefficiencies in a $150 trillion industry.

Quasa Connect app.