23.08.2019 14:27

QUASA makes deals between customers and contractors.

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The QUASA platform offers:

1. Commoditized services (in what commoditization is expressed - in a limited set of basic characteristics. Example Uber - sells a limited set of basic characteristics, and its automated search engine, even with a correction factor depending on demand, is aimed at accelerating the transaction.)
Example: food delivery service - the client just wants the work to be done efficiently and on time; if the platform guarantees a certain level of quality at the right price, then the client needs only a specialist who can provide the service. - therefore, the goal is to expedite the transaction with such services

2. Uncommodized services: (Airbnb example - for rental housing, a number of additional characteristics are important, the location of the apartment, its size, home infrastructure, the presence of the owner, to bring an animal with you, smoke, etc. Too many important characteristics to create an effective automatic search for suitable options, as is the case with multimodal or even regular freight, therefore we are focused on facilitating the search and placing an order.

The underlying transaction underlying the QUASA platform is the transaction between the cargo owner and the carrier.
QUASA - created to optimize the direct exchange between cargo owners and carriers.
By placing an order for a service or placing it on the stock exchange of performers, the client indicates not only the destination and delivery time, but also the type of cargo, its weight and dimensions, mode of transport and requirements for its transportation. Depending on these parameters, the algorithm calculates the total cost of the order, including taxes, insurance and commission.

And our goal is to simplify the use of the application for ordering transport services, because someone orders the transportation of goods before starting to solve their problems.

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