23.05.2024 20:27

QUASA is a Unicorn in The Remote Work Market

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In fact, it is not only pandemics or crises that force people to switch to a different format of work - people do not want to work in offices, they want to work where they live, and they want to work for themselves. They want to be free, i.e. freelancing from the word freedom is the basis.

The number of freelancers and remote workers will only grow. 

Cryptocurrencies open up new opportunities and will play a key role in the remote work and freelancing market. All work will be paid only with cryptocurrency, this is logical.

All corporations and governments are afraid of this, but they understand that there is no alternative.

Crypto allows you to work remotely from any country, regardless of legislation and local currency. 

There are no intermediaries, only the contractor and the customer, there are no taxes or government control. authorities, you don’t need to know the laws of different countries, instant transfer of money to customers and performers, and commissions are significantly lower than through Swift or a bank.     In most countries, people cannot even get dollars because the dollar is either banned and has limited circulation, and banks do not transfer money in dollars.

This is a huge market and QUASA is a pioneer and leader in this market. In fact, Quasa is now the only freelance marketplace in the world that offers cryptocurrency payments for clients and performers.

The total global market is estimated at $150 trillion. This is an incredible number, and the creators of the project really can create a multi-billion dollar unicorn, and it looks like they have everything to do it.

Read the following article to find out how they plan to do this.

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