05.08.2019 23:40

Quasa Instant app — sine QUA non!

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Friends, new technologies transform reality.

Now you do not need to install the Quasa application to take advantage of the main function of calculating and receiving the shipping cost.

Today we have introduced a new technology of Google and launched Quasa Instant app .
This means that you can open and use the Quasa app on the iPhone, although this is an Android application!
Also without installation, you can open and use the Quasa app on any computer.

The introduction of this technology distinguishes our project from many others.
Quasa app is the first not only in the logistics industry, but as the research shows, in most sectors of the economy, almost all global, medium and small companies today have not even announced the transition of their mobile applications to the latest Instant app technology.

A few days ago we wrote that:

- Now you can safely work with the Quasa app without an internet connection. You can safely generate any transactions offline and when connected to the Internet they will be automatically sent.
No one can steal anything from you if you are not connected to the Internet. We advise you to work offline, as now, for example, recommends doing MEW, and that changes a lot, we care about your safety!

- If you left the application and are not authorized in it, then this feature will allow you to go into the application and see all your data that has been saved in authorized mode.
The function works in offline or online modes.

You know how inconvenient it is to re-enter the application to read any message or notification, therefore, unlike other projects, you will receive all new notifications at QUASA.
This is a significant difference, you do not need to enter a password and pass authorization to find out, for example, the delivery time of your cargo, in an unauthorized mode, you will receive a new notification about it.

A significant difference of the QUASA project from all others in the field of logistics is that it uses the best world practices.
Gradually, all companies will introduce these new technologies and transfer their applications to the Instant app, so that they work without installation, just as everyone will implement the ability to work offlain, so that their applications can work without an Internet connection.

It’s so convenient and safe — you don’t need to install each application to use it only once and you don’t need the Internet to use it. One rhetorical question remains: why have corporations and companies not done this yet? !!
By the time they realize their mistakes and implement these technologies, QUASA will go far ahead!

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