17.06.2021 15:06

QUASA AIO Crypto Crowdfunding Campaign Completed Successfully!

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QUASA AIO crypto-crowdfunding campaign in the form of an auction on the KickICO platform - recognized as successful!

Congratulations and want to thank everyone who supported QUASA!
Formally, the QUASA AIO campaign is now in the "pending completion confirmation" status.
All baсkers participating in QUASA AIO will receive QUA tokens upon final verification. Your money is fine!
In the coming days, QUA tokens (Quasacoins) will be credited to users' wallets.

Please check your rates!

In total, 20 million QUA tokens have been allocated for the crypto crowdfunding campaign, and the total number of tokens reserved by baсkers is the same. Raised $ 21,005.05
This is a super success despite the fact that QUASA AIO was the first project at KickICO!

We express our special gratitude to the KickICO / Kickex team for their professional work and for providing QUASA with the opportunity to become the first project on your platform!
You are great and we wish you success and further development!

AIO is your know-how and a more advanced form of crowdfunding designed to protect an investor's assets.
We are confident that over time, strong and serious projects will move to your KickICO platform, and they will prefer this form of fundraising in the form of AIO!

The QUASA team carried out an excellent advertising campaign, regularly covered in the press and disseminated information about QUASA AIO on social networks! Thanks to the entire QUASA team!
Thanks to you, we got such a result!

Slava Vasipenok