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Planning to Start or Scale Your Software Engineering Career?

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Technology is instrumental in every business process, and it is constantly changing and advancing. As more and more software applications are developed, the entire business landscape is changing. Therefore, the job of a software engineer is gaining popularity. Across industries, businesses are demanding teams of software engineers who can help improve every business process to create a positive impact. Therefore, a certification in software engineering is crucial. New graduates and those who already have some experience in the field can opt for courses like Imarticus Learning’s SCBI to further their careers as software engineers.

All You Need to Know About a Career in Software Engineering

A career in software engineering requires one to analyze website data and generate actionable insights to improve business outcomes. As a software engineer, one is also responsible for using real-time data to predict the results and modify business processes for various projects accordingly. Apart from these two crucial aspects, a software engineer’s job also includes the automation, optimization, and monitoring of system performances and other functions.

One needs specific skills to become a software engineer. Therefore, it is essential to learn software engineering from reputable companies. A potential candidate needs to know coding and programming at the primary level. However, advanced skills such as software simulation, design of collaboration software, and an understanding of artificial intelligence can be beneficial. These skills improve one’s chances of employment as the candidate will bring more value to a company.

A degree or certification in software engineering can also help a working professional further their career. Suppose one is scaling one’s career and is not looking for a job at the entry level. In that case, a degree that covers the current advancements can be significant. Several institutes like Imarticus Learning offer a holistic course curriculum based on current industry needs. Therefore, a candidate with a few years’ job experience can enroll and receive training in current software engineering trends. Such training improves their prospects, and they can look for better-paying jobs as software engineers.

If one is looking to start a career as a software engineer, one can look for jobs in the following types of companies.

  • National and private banks
  • Tech businesses
  • Electric companies or electronic production businesses
  • App development companies (including tech start-ups)
  • Software publishers

Careers in software engineering are on the rise, and whether as a fresher or someone with experience in the field, there are many opportunities that one can grab. However, to have a successful career as a software engineer, one must get a degree and be certified to work in the field.

Choose Imarticus Learning for Your Software Engineering Career

The first step towards a software engineering career is a degree. Imarticus Learning offers a Certification in Software Engineering for Cloud, Blockchain, and IoT. This program collaborates with E&ICT Academy and IIT Guwahati, and the course curriculum is related to the current industry trends and needs. Students who enroll in this particular program are encouraged to participate in the live sessions held for 8 hours every week. Imarticus Learning ensures that every student can interact with experts and industry professionals so that they have a better idea about how the field functions. Through this course, a student will focus on implementing Blockchain, IoT, and cloud in various sectors and develop the skills necessary to become a successful software and cloud DevOps engineer. There are six real-world business projects that a student will have to undertake. These will provide much-needed hands-on experience.

The software engineering certification offered by Imarticus Learning focuses on both technical and soft skills. Students can build networks and participate in a 3-day campus immersion program. This will help them learn all necessary skills and land lucrative jobs as software engineers.

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