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Picuki Best Anonymous Instagram Viewer

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Without a doubt, one of the most widely used social media networks nowadays is Instagram.

It’s a free photo and video-sharing website that makes it easier for people to interact with their friends, family, celebrities, companies, and many other people and organisations. Instagram users can do the same things they can on other social media sites, such as like, remark, save, and send friends direct messages.

You need to have an Instagram account in order to view someone else’s profile.

You won’t be able to view other users’ pictures, videos, or stories if you don’t have an Instagram account. But don’t worry; you can view Instagram stories anonymously without logging in, thanks to Picuki.

All of Picuki has been covered in this article. Now let’s get started without wasting any time.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is a viewer and editor for Instagram. Without logging in, users are able to access Instagram profiles, stories, posts, followers, locations, and tags online for an endless amount of time.

Picuki is a secure service that never retains any of the personal data of Instagram users. It is a totally unrestricted platform. Using Picuki, users may check their postings, as well as the posts, stories, followers, and accounts they are following on the profiles of their friends. People can check at tags, popular Instagram posts, and the number of likes and comments for each given post with its assistance.

Also, this website has some really awesome features like editing other people’s posts, filter settings, brightness, saturation, and contrast adjustments, cropping, etc.

Why Does Someone Use Picuki?

Picuki has a variety of applications. The biggest benefit of utilising Picuki is that it enables anonymous viewing of Instagram accounts without requiring registration. Even downloads of original Instagram pictures and videos are available here.

Picuki includes a fantastic editing feature that allows you to apply filters, add text, and change an image’s saturation and brightness. Also, it’s a safe, totally free service that doesn’t monitor your online behaviour.

How to Browse an Instagram Account without logging in using Picuki

By following these instructions, you can view Instagram without logging in:

  • Enter https://www.picuki.com into your browser to access it.
  • Enter the Instagram user’s username in the search field if you want to see their profile.
  • Choose the desired profile from the list after receiving the search results.
  • You may now browse and see all of the posts that the account has shared in public.

How to Browse Instagram Posts using Tags via Picuki

The steps below can be used to view Instagram posts using tags on Picuki.

  • Visit Picuki’s page.
  • Enter the hashtag you wish to look up in the search box.
  • When the search results show up, click Tags.
  • There are several hashtag results available; select the one you want to view.
  • You may now view all posts that were shared publicly using the same hashtag.

How to Edit Instagram Photos using Picuki

Use Picuki to edit Instagram photographs by doing the following steps:

  • Go to Picuiki.com and enter the username of the person whose photos you wish to modify.
  • Choose the user from the search results.
  • Click the image you wish to edit from the post section.
  • At the bottom of the image, select Edit.
  • The image can now be edited by altering the brightness and applying filters. Moreover, you may text and stickers to the image.

How to view Trending Instagram Content using Picuki

With Picuki, you may view popular Instagram posts

  • Visit Picuki’s official website.
  • In the top right corner, select Trending.
  • You can see all of the most popular posts from the previous day on the next page.
  • For a list of earlier trending posts, choose Yesterday or This Week.

How to Download Images and Video using Picuki

Picuki makes it simple to download photos and movies. the following steps:

  • Go to the user profile using the search box.
  • To download an image or a movie, click on it.
  • At the bottom of the image or video, click the Download button.

How to See IG Story Via picuki Without Login

Here’s what you have to do to view Instagram stories on Picuki without logging in:

  • Visit the person whose Instagram page you wish to visit in order to check their story via Picuki.
  • On the profile, click Stories.
  • At the bottom, select the Story icon.
  • You can now view the tales that the same Instagram user has shared.

Top 5 Picuki Alternatives To Try Out When It Is Not Working


Similar to Picuki, SmiHub is an Instagram editor and viewer. It provides all the essential features, including the ability to view Instagram stories, photos, and videos. As expected, you can access the services without being in into your account.

SmiHub and Picuki are identical, making the latter the superior Instagram viewer app. You can use it to see Instagram content while keeping your identity a secret. You won’t be able to tell that you are stalking the person whose stuff you are watching.


Inflact is perhaps the most frequently suggested Instagram viewer app, aside from Picuki. Users are free to download Instagram material and read stories without any restrictions. Using this feature, you may also view public highlights.

The tool’s best feature, though, is its ability to let you see who blocked you.

When you wish to spy on another account, Inflact is a useful tool. For instance, it enables you to follow the news items published on a monitored account. Also, the feature allows you to gather and save posts to your profile.


Although this Instagram viewer differs a little from Picuki, it is still a suitable Picuki substitute for Instagram. It allows users to view the popularity of a specific Instagram account. You can also use Gramhir to see how many likes and views a post is expected to receive.

This website’s use of statistics is one of its strengths. Since everything is quantified, it is feasible to compare different Instagram profiles. Also, it is anonymous, so no one else will be aware that you are keeping an eye on their accounts.


Imginn, commonly referred to as StoriesIG, is a free and anonymous internet program that lets you see and download public Instagram stories and posts. You may see Instagram in this manner using Imgin without having an IG account.

You won’t need to sign up or get permission to browse public Instagram content while using the Imginn search function. As a result, no one will be aware of your search, view, or download activities on the social networking site if you use Imgin.


Users can read and download Instagram stories anonymously using the program or application known as Instagram story viewer. Without disclosing their identities or alerting the account owner that their story has been viewed, it enables users to view stories posted by public accounts.

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