31.07.2019 23:33

Partnership announcement QUASA + xDEVICE

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Dear QUASA member,
the last couple of months have been accompanied by outstanding developments within our company. Networks have been strengthened and additional partners have joined our way to bring blockchain to institutional investors. 

We have got great news for you. QUASA and xDEVICE signed a strategic partnership to foster synergies and to combine the innovational power of both companies. 

The xDevice company is ready to work on the delivery of its goods through the QUASA platform, since the revolutionary QUASA blockchain technology on the choice of delivery reduces logistics costs.
Using the QUASA platform already in test mode, xDevice managed to reduce the cost of shipping and customs clearance by 35%!

xDEVICE focuses on the production and distribution of high-tech electrical equipment in Russia. They develop and adapt equipment to the Russian market and Russian operating conditions.

The xDEVICE team has gained a lot of experience in the integrated development of systems for the operated electrical equipment and makes every effort so that the equipment under the xDevice brand becomes an indispensable assistant for everyone!

We are looking forward to see our partners grow and expand with our help.

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