22.05.2021 18:34

New Model of Crypto Fundraising - QUASA AIO

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What is QUASA AIO?

AIO (Initial Auction Offer) is a new type of crypto fundraising based on fair prices.

You can take part in crypto fundraising QUASA AIO or watch the process in real time on the Kickico platform, which is the organizer of crypto fundraising.

AIO mechanics

QUA tokens can be bought for USDT. In case of participation in QUA token sales for fiat or other cryptocurrencies, there is an automatic conversion to USDT at the rate with which the user agrees.

Listing of QUA tokens on the KickICO platform and access to trading

KickICO is a crowdfunding platform that supports AIO fundraising, but the auction sale takes place on both the KickICO platform and campaign tokens are automatically approved for listing on the KickEX exchange. 

As a result, both communities — platforms and exchanges — participate in the auction. This significantly increases the organic demand for traded tokens, as it reaches the audiences of both platforms and both communities. 
After the successful completion of the campaign and all the necessary checks, the company’s tokens become available for trading on the KickEX exchange, receiving an automatic listing there.

To participate in an AIO project as a backer, you will need to perform the following steps:

1. Registration on the KickICO platform or on the KickEX cryptocurrency exchange

After registration, it is necessary to pass the verification of identity (KYC). Only users who have passed identity verification (KYC) are allowed to participate in token sales on the platform. The KYC procedure is simple and fast in 99% of cases, but it is recommended to complete it in advance if you plan to participate in the AIO.

2. How to apply for token purchase

Before proceeding, be sure to read the general terms and conditions of the AIO project and the token purchase agreement.

Study the existing bids of other users (if they are any) to understand the current pricing and winning price and be able to buy the desired number of tokens for sale.

Specify the number of tokens you want to purchase and the price of the token in USDT.

Confirm your bid and it will appear in the order book. Check out where your order is in relation to the orders of other users, and whether tokens will be bought for your bet under the current situation in the order book.

Control the situation — after you send your bid to the order book, others will appear in it, so you may be outstripped or moved by higher rates down so much that you may not be in the winning zone, and all tokens will be redeemed by participants who have offered a higher price.

3. AIO token sale procedure

The sale of tokens is carried out at the end of the trading day, immediately. The orders with the highest price are executed first. Bids with the lowest price are executed last.

If all the offered tokens of one trading day were redeemed by participants who offered a higher price, then other participants whose rates are lower will not get anything. In this case, unexecuted orders will be cancelled and users’ funds will be returned to their wallets in the Kick Ecosystem.

Tokens that were not sold during the trading day are withdrawn from the sale and remain on the balance of the Ecosystem, and can be further burnt or frozen.

Stay tuned for updates, exciting news ahead.

QUASA is a decentralized network connecting Freelancers and Customers together. $QUA is the governance token of the QUASA platform.

Quasaсoin (QUA) — is a virtual currency which is going to be accepted and used as means of paying services on the platform. It is planned to allocate 20 million Quasacoins (QUA) for the QUASA AIO campaign.

Token Info:
• Name: QUASA
• Symbol: QUA
• Contract Address: 0x4dAeb4a06F70f4b1A5C329115731fE4b89C0B227

You can find out more about QUASA AIO here: https://quasa.io/media/the-first-startup-on-kickico-quasa

Or go to the Kickico website and take part in the QUASA AIO