28.06.2019 14:03

Moonbase Exchange. Buy or sell Quasa futures with 20x leverage.

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Quasa is aiming to decentralize the logistics space. As their whitepaper states:

The main concept of the project is to achieve a technological breakthrough in logistics by means of creating a transparent system of interaction between all the participants. QUASA decentralized logistic platform offers innovative solutions based on the introduction of blockchain technologies to supply chain management.


We have listed Quasa futures on Moonbase Exchange, allowing traders to long and short with 20x leverage:

  • Think Quasa will change the world? Buy futures contracts to multiply your gains with leverage (up to 20x).
  • Have doubts about Quasa business model? Sell futures contracts to ride the downtrend. You don’t need QUA tokens — just use BTC as margin collateral.

As exchange, we maintain a neutral stance & let the market decide on the price of Quasa futures contract.

Can you handle the volatility? Trade Quasa futures with 20x leverage on Moonbase Exchange.

Contract specification

  1. Name: $QUA0919.
  2. Settlement date: June 28th, 2019.
  3. Settlement currency: Bitcoin (BTC).
  4. Settlement process: stable settlement based on 3-day volume-weighted average price (VWAP) calculated from trades on the same market (see notes for explanation).
  5. Mark price: 3-minute time-weighted average price (TWAP) calculated from trades on the same market (using 3-minute TWAP to prevent liquidations on price spikes).

Since Quasa token is not listed on any spot market as of 2019–03–01, we’ve decided to calculate the settlement price & mark price from trades on futures market. This decision will also prevent market manipulation: thin orderbooks on spot exchanges make it easy to increase the price, which allows the manipulator to trigger liquidations on futures exchanges by spending a negligible sum of money.

However, if mark price is calculated from trades on the futures exchange, the manipulator will have to buy out all shorts, which is orders of magnitude harder. The competing forces of longs VS shorts will result in regular market price action, which is desirable for all participants.

What do you think about Quasa? Express your opinion — place an order on https://moonbase.exchange (buy / sell with 20x leverage using Bitcoin).