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Money Transfers To An Inmate

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Many Americans are behind bars. Sending money can help make a loved one’s life easier and stressful even when incarcerated. When you send money to someone who is incarcerated, you are giving them the help they need. An incarcerated person may need funds to buy at the prison cantina as well as other items such as blankets to help them stay warm when it gets cold in the winter. There are many ways you can send money to someone behind bars.

Many Ways

You can send money in person by visiting them and adhering to the required regulations. You can also send money to someone by phone. Of all the many ways that you can send money to an inmate, one of the most common and most effective is sending money via a money transfer.

What is a Money Transfer?

The term money transfer is one that many people are familiar with. That’s because it is commonly used in many circumstances. Many people use money orders to send money overseas.

A money transfer, as the experts at Western Union will tell you, is a way to send money to a different place without the need to use cash. This is a very advantageous form of payment. It’s safe and easy to use.

It’s also one method that people can use when they want to put money in an inmate’s personal account. Many inmates are allowed a certain sum of money to keep on hand. A friend or relative can use this method to ensure they have enough money for their needs.

The Process

Giving funds to someone who is serving a jail or prison term has never been easier. The process can be done at any time. When someone is serving time, they are set up with an account in their name at the prison or jail. This account can receive money from outside sources. If you want to send funds, you should first make sure you know the amount you want to put in their account. In many cases, all you need is an app on your phone.

Once you register for the app, you will need to verify your identification in some way. That’s a must in order to adhere to prison regulations about money. You will also need specific data pertaining to the inmate in question. This includes where they’re being held. It also includes additional data such as their exact name. Each account also has a number. Make sure the data is correct before you send the money.

You’ll be charged a sum on your credit or debit card. This is the money the prisoner has to use at the correctional facility. Money transfer services charge a small fee for the process. The funds should be in the inmate’s account a short time later. Contact them and ask if they have it.

Serving time can be tough. Make it easier by ensuring your loved one has access to all necessary funds.

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