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Marketing Funnel Strategies: 5 Steps to Increase Sales

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Marketing Funnel is a system designed to attract & diversify the clients to your business. If you wonder why it is funnel-shaped or known as a funnel, its because some people tend to drop out at each stage of the funnel.

Each and every step serves a specific purpose in the client’s whole journey. E. St. Elmo Lewis first introduced this concept in 1898 & others modified it many times. For example, marketers use marketing funnels, also called sales funnels, to help them identify where clients are in the buying process. The horn makes it easier to target customers with relevant content that matches their decision-making process.

Every business finds its consumers with the help of advertising & marketing strategies, and these two are the vital factors in achieving potential customers. A lot of cost, time & energy are spent on success in this field. In this Digital era, advertising platforms have become so diversified that most of us are confused about which one to opt for. Sometimes we drain our resources by searching in all directions. That is why “Giving directions to your strategies, reach the goal faster!”.

The year 2020 has brought emerging advancements in the marketing funnel. It is an AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action) model, and it becomes compulsory as you need your existing clients to keep purchasing from you. Also, it needs to attract new customers by employing unique strategies & ideas to trace and attract potential customers. Therefore, understanding Business strategies, tips, and tricks is crucial for creating wonders for business investors and entrepreneurs.

How does the Marketing Funnel Work?

It describes the crucial step that a consumer requires to go with thoroughly before purchasing goods or services. It’s also an important tool to help you trace the clients’ path taken from first finding out about your brand to converting; understanding them provides valuable insight into why some customers transform & some don’t convert at all.

So, here below are the Five Marketing funnel strategies to increase sales in the financial year 2024. These include:-


The online marketing target in the stage is to raise awareness & goal-driven audiences in the industry. It displays the correct message in front of potential clients & also discover your brand by targeted audience. Online marketing or e-marketing builds awareness through search engine optimization (SEO) for organic results & social media marketing (SMM) and various other paid searches to get new customers to your web platforms. This fully functional marketing strategy, tips and tactics will help you convert new clients to paying buddies.

Paid results help to drive potential customers to you. The essential point is to ensure your target audience brings the relevant audience to your web platforms. The potential audience must have the potential to become new emerging leads so that they buy from you.


It would help you out if you convinced the people to make for a compelling option. Your marketing goals are to target the stronger intent clients & also to spread awareness among them to buy intents. That’s how you can build awareness in the first step.

Now, you have to target the new audiences in the consideration step. Also, it is reliable if you are targeting existing leads who are aware of your brandings & also bring them to enter into the next step of the funnel. You can do it by targeting highly intent keywords & grabbing email leads for leading nurture.


At this step, the potential leads are converted into a professional force of sales. The marketing goal of this conversion step is to change leads, reduce conversion barriers, and convert consideration to major actions. You have to do everything. Now it’s the perfect time to keen & target the conversion process that helps you to target the potential audience through several campaigns.

It helps you to target the potential audience through several campaigns that are running.

Essential tips to encourage the masses to make a purchase include:

  • Building up the search campaigns for the audience ready to buy now.
  • Optimizing the forms to increase the conversion rates.
  • Implementing conversion rates optimization.


Online sales is not the end target of all the marketing funnel. Building a force for loyalty sales is the ultimate aim. This stage aims to persuade the existing customers to buy again to build loyalty & decrease the overall rates. The common mistake done by the marketing funnels is to close the funnel after achieving the targeted goal.

Although, it is the starting of clients experience and Return Of Investment from all the hardships you have applied to achieve the desired goals. Further, you must enhance return on investment using marketing tricks & tips to end up the leads & emphasize customer retention.


Bringing new leads from existing clients & converting them into happy clients using the lead generation trick is the goal of this step. Satisfied customers are those who keep on purchasing your products and also recommend them to their close ones. It has been surveyed that 84% of the buyers buy the product because of their colleagues, friends, or neighbor’s recommendations.

A separate study has revealed that 75% of consumers believe in online reviews rather than personal recommendations. These two studies show how you can convert leads into happy and satisfying clients.

To boost up the lead seven conversions at each stage of the marketing funnel, including

  • Focusing more on lead nurturing.
  • Optimize consumer experience at each step to keep leads moving at the end of the funnel.
  • Avoid slipping away from the authorities to stop them from buying from somewhere else.

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