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    Maintaining Your Short Hairstyles In Perfect Form With Ease

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    Whether it is a seasonal whim or a well-thought decision – we all have been there once or twice at least. What we men – chopping the locks off. The number of inspiring and breath-taking short ‘dos is growing by the day so does the desire to experiment with something new.

    LoveHairstyles are true pros at short hairstyles however, having an idea in mind of the image for the stylist to create is not enough. Once the initial excitement wears off, together with professional styling, the reality comes knocking on your door – how do you care about your short locks? What are the styling ventures to undertake? Well, worry not – we have your back covered!

    Main Short Hair Care Tips

    Care routine comes first, styling follows.

    Reduce the Product

    You may be used to a specific amount of hair product you used to apply to your locks. However, as you cut those strands off, so the product consumption should go down. It will take you some time to get used to and find the perfect product proportion, but it is an inevitable and necessary process. Otherwise, you will have to deal with greasy-looking, overweight locks.

    Stick to Own Washing Routine

    No matter what some professionals may claim, your hair, along with the lifestyle that you lead, are all different. So, if you feel like you need to wash your mane today – go for it. You should be ready to embrace the fact that shorter hair gets oily twice as fast, and that is just the way it is.

    Add Some Deep Conditioning In

    Short hair requires as much care and attention as the long locks do. So, from time to time, it is advised to switch from regular conditioning to a deep one. Your hair will thank you. You can trust us on that!

    Book Your Trims Regularly

    Short hair at times requires more attention than the longer mane. Regular trips are just inescapable. So, if you think that you do not have time to visit the salon at least once a month, you may need to reconsider going short.

    Practical Hair Styling Tips For Short Hair

    It goes without saying that the shorter your hair is, the more different the approach will be. There are some universal tips to remember, though.

    Get Yourself a Bottle of Dry Shampoo

    The product may be on your list already. However, you should remember that dry shampoo has more purpose than just absorbing the roots’ oil. It can also help you boost some volume when you are in a rush, and you are about to face a bad hair day.

    Make a Headband Your Best Friend

    According to LoveHairstyles, all ladies tend to carry around a bunch of hair ties everywhere they go. Well, in the case of short hair, hair ties are usually of little use. So, when you feel like you need something to secure the hair, take the locks of your face – headbands come into the play. Besides, the possibility to turn a simple headband into a stylish hair accessory is not out of the question.

    Tousled is On the Edge of Popularity 

    No matter the length you sport, some more texture is never a waste. Besides, the rule works best with textured short haircuts. All it takes is a bit of hair pomade to achieve the goal.

    Air-Drying Should Be in Favor

    This may sound obvious, but blow-drying is a necessary step, but it brings along hair damage. Thus, air-drying is the most preferable method despite the length you sport. However, air-dried does not mean poorly styled. With the help of a wave spray, you can emphasize you’re natural texture and show off a carefree look.

    Braid Your Locks Often

    You read it right – short hair can be braided too. Who cares if those are just some tiny and cute braids?

    Color Experimentation is Never Out of the Question

    Experimenting with bold shades is quite risky when you have a waist-length mane. Nevertheless, with a shorter cut, the courage comes in, and thus, you can give in to trying the craziest coloring techniques to find your true self!

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