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Magento 1 vs Magento 2

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Both versions of the CMS have their unique features. Not every company considers an upgrade until there is an urgent need. Should you turn to Magento development company to advance your B2B store or just use the old version? Let’s take a look at their specifics.

Smart Reporting System

In order to systematically monitor changes in performance, you will find the data analysis feature useful. According to the official website, the customer can request more than 100 reports that will help increase the efficiency of the business. Once your report is ready, it should be updated periodically. Using even the first system version, you can build an efficient and data-driven organization.

User Interface

Because it is fully customizable, you can choose which design or theme to apply to a particular category of your products. Moreover, due to the advanced search for products and navigation on the site, your customers are unlikely to encounter any problems in your store. Magento 2 also includes new built-in payment methods (PayPal and Braintree), as well as an improved order form.

Compared to the older version, Magento 2 offers advanced data grids with customized filters, data display formats, and drop-down menus. They greatly simplify the process of adding a product.

A Cumbersome Set of Features

On the one hand, it’s great that the Magento CMS is so versatile. On the other hand, those with limited technical skills are more likely to face difficulties. In addition, complex online stores require sufficient server resources, significant operating costs, and personal time. So if you were planning to rebuild a small store, there is no need for this decision.

Not Many Experts in the Field of Magento

To find great developers offering their services on the market is difficult. Meeting the right specialist can seem like a real challenge when you are faced with the need to integrate an extension or a new theme into your website. Sophisticated CMSs, such as Magento, require deep object-oriented programming skills. However, an upgrade requires a lot of effort and money.

High Cost of the Magento Commerce Package and Its Upgrade

If you intend to expand the capabilities of your online store, you will have to spend a lot. The commercial version will cost you at least $ 1988.00 per month. In addition, hiring a highly qualified Magento developer can lead to additional costs.

Not All Magento 1 Themes and Extensions Are Compatible With the New Version

Because of these issues, many retailers have still not decided to switch to Magento 2. If your store is well integrated with third-party plugins and you want to keep the existing design theme, keep in mind that your site may not work properly in the new environment. As for extensions, we will have to wait for new releases on the market. And as for the themes — it will be right to think about a complete redesign of your store.

Difficulty Choosing a Web Host

Magento websites should only be hosted on certain servers that are specifically tailored to Magento’s requirements or that you can customize to suit its requirements. When choosing a hosting provider for the new version, you should be prepared for the slow operation of your site and further customer dissatisfaction.

But, many people know that Magento is not one of the market leaders, and it is often compared to such a system as WordPress and its plugin Woocommerce. Well, both Magento 1 and 2 are worth the hype. If you launch a new project — it is worth doing via the second version.

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