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Life After A DUI – Here’s Why You Need SR22 Insurance

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Being convicted of a DUI is devastating for a lot of reasons, and yet it also doesn’t have to be the end of the road from a driving perspective.

Those with a DUI on their records can still get insurance so long as they pick the right provider and go through the SR22 process.

Let’s look at why this is necessary and what you can do to find cost-effective cover after a DUI conviction has disrupted your everyday life.

SR22 Insurance Explained

Simply put, there are no specific SR22 insurance policies. Instead, it’s a document that your insurer will complete and submit to your state’s automotive authority, recognizing your conviction and confirming that you have the minimum level of cover that’s required by law.

If you don’t have SR22 insurance and you’ve got a DUI on your record, you won’t be able to drive legally in most parts of the US. So in this sense, it’s a must-have for car owners who cannot afford to be without access to a vehicle.

How to Find an SR22 Insurance Service

The good news is that you can get SR22 online via comparison sites, allowing you to weigh up quotes from insurers that cater to customers with DUIs and secure a decent deal in the process.

Of course, you might need to change from your current insurer, because not every provider will accept SR22 customers. So it’s not just a legal obligation, but a practical one in many cases.

Again, finding SR22-friendly insurers is easy with an online search, although it may be worth getting in touch with your existing insurer as well to double-check on their terms, conditions, and rates.

Understanding The Limits of A DUI Conviction

Another important point to take on board when you are convicted of a DUI is that this is not going to be a burden on your driving record forever.

The impact will vary from state to state, but you can generally expect that insurers will take this into account and require SR22 confirmation for between three and five years.

After ten years, most people will see a DUI completely expunged, and will no longer need to mention it on paperwork. The fact that it stops being a factor for car insurance purposes much sooner than this is not something to overlook if you want to save cash.

Of course, if you are convicted of more than one DUI incident in a relatively short time frame, you can anticipate that insurance costs will spike even higher, and your choice of providers will become even more limited.

Talking About SR22 Insurance Costs

Speaking of the added expense of SR22 insurance after a DUI, there is no getting around the fact that even if you do compare quotes to identify the most affordable provider, you’ll still be paying more than you were before your conviction.

The extra expense will vary, with factors such as your age and the rest of your driving record coming into play. Expect a single DUI to increase average insurance costs by between 75% and 100%.

Wrapping Up

There’s no reason to treat a DUI as a death sentence for your driving, or as an incentive to junk your car because with the right insurance you can still get behind the wheel. Over time if you keep your record clean, it will eventually fade into the past without costing you more cash each year.

That is not to say that a driving offense of any kind should be taken lightly. Every motorist has a responsibility to themselves, their passengers, and other road users to be safe and sober when in charge of a vehicle.

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