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Learn About The Metaverse

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The metaverse is an amazing virtual universe filled with unique worlds to explore. You’ve almost certainly heard a lot of good things about the concept of the metaverse. But the sheer immensity of the metaverse is both a strength and an issue. It can be hard to find the best metaverse content. But you’ll soon discover the five best virtual worlds.

Finding New Meaning in the Metaverse’s Digital Domain

Before you delve into the larger metaverse it’s important to consider its nature. On a technical level, the metaverse can be seen as a merger or bridge between the physical and online worlds. The metaverse arises from an interaction between these two elements. Sometimes you, as a physical being, step into the digital world through virtual reality. But the metaverse also involves digital entities entering the physical world through augmented or mixed reality.

The metaverse is also persistent. You can step into it, or create local instances. But the metaverse as a whole is always on and always available. The metaverse is also in continual development. Metaverse developers all have a unique metaverse meaning that influences what they bring to the digital domain.

What is a Metaverse Virtual World?

The previous definition of the metaverse looked at the medium as a whole. But there are also distinct virtual worlds within that larger metaverse. A metaverse world can be thought of as a single sandbox within a larger playground. Children can let their imaginations run wild within a sandbox. They can hang out with friends, make sandcastles or buildings, and essentially create to their heart’s content. And the same is true of metaverse worlds. You can create content, play games, socialize, and bring out your inner artist. Everyone in a metaverse world is a participant, but can also create content.

5 Most Popular Metaverse Virtual Worlds

The expansive nature of the metaverse means that there’s an amazing amount of virtual worlds to explore. But as with any creative medium, some of these virtual worlds stand out from the rest. You’re not only about to discover five of the most popular virtual worlds within the metaverse. You’ll also see exactly why they’ve earned a solid reputation and enthusiastic user base.


Imagine a lush world with beautiful blue skies, cities brimming with life, and wilderness just waiting to be explored. Now imagine that you could truly own a part of that world. This is the premise of Decentraland – a metaverse that emphasizes land ownership. Decentraland is tied to the blockchain in a way that makes every element of it unique. And this also means that you can truly own those digital assets. The 90,801 plots of land in Decentraland can be purchased or resold for a profit. And land ownership in the Decentraland system is tied to LAND NFT tokens.


Roblox is a special case within the larger metaverse. It started out as a relatively simple online game creation engine. But over time the system’s collaborative nature grew in both complexity and possibility. As metaverse-related technologies became more prevalent they began to show up in Roblox. And today the Roblox system is one of the largest and most popular metaverse worlds. This is in large part because of its focus on gaming. There are an estimated 20 million games hosted within Roblox. And you have the added appeal of being able to enjoy them within the system’s larger social context.

Horizon Worlds

Meta is one of the most influential metaverse companies. When Facebook rebranded to Meta it signaled that the metaverse’s time had come. And the company created a number of projects under a wider Horizon banner. Horizon Worlds is Meta’s more general-purpose take on the metaverse. It lets users easily log into the system and start exploring what the metaverse has to offer. It’s easy to explore preexisting content. But Horizon Worlds is also notable for the ease with which people can create their own metaverse content. Games are extremely popular, but Worlds also has areas to just hang out in.


Sandbox harkens back to the earlier metaphor of metaverse worlds being like a sandbox. The Sandbox metaverse world takes this concept further than most by emphasizing a user’s freedom. This is done through two different implementations. These titles are The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016). These two titles have over 40 million downloads. And there’s a good reason why it’s so popular. Users can create a wide variety of in-game, user-generated, content. The user-generated content (UGC) can even be leveraged financially. Sandbox is also a favorite hangout for some notable celebrities. This includes Deadmau5 and even Snoop Dogg.


Cryptovoxels is another metaverse world that puts a heavy emphasis on land ownership. This concept is made possible through ties to the ERC-721 token. Cryptovoxels is essentially a world made up of NFTs. The world has a central hub city known as Origin City. However, one of the system’s most entertaining aspects stems from the freedom to build anything you want. You can create your own buildings or even city blocks. And this concept has led to a thriving social scene. You can find everything from hobbyist meetings to exciting VR concerts within Cryptovoxels. Or you can make your own.

A Whole New Gaming Experience Within Metaverse Virtual Worlds

You may have noticed that many of the popular metaverse worlds have gaming elements. And it’s true, gaming and the metaverse have been tied together almost since the beginning. When people have a digital world and associated creation tools it’s natural for games to develop. Just like you’d expect to see card games pop up if people were hanging out around a deck of cards. But there are also some metaverse worlds specifically focused on online gaming systems. You can take a deeper look at metaverse gaming options in the article “Top 10 Popular Metaverse Games To Explore Right Now”.

Using These Virtual Worlds as a Stepping Stone

You’ve seen the five most popular metaverse virtual worlds. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s now up to you to jump into the metaverse and see them all firsthand. It’s time to begin your metaverse journey.

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