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Laser Align Cutters: How Helpful Are They?

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As the name suggests, it is a technology that involves using laser beams to vaporize materials and create cuts in materials. Various laser align cutter use different beams to cut materials.

What is the Working Process of Laser Cutting?

The word ‘laser’ stands for ‘light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.” A laser beam for cutting is produced by a laser resonator, an airtight glass tube containing two mirrors facing each other, and a combination of gases that emits energy reflected through the mirror setup.

Once the beam is generated, it is transported to the laser head via traveling through a combination of strategically placed mirrors.

Lastly, the beam travels through a curved lens which magnifies the beam’s power and focuses it on a single point.

How Can Laser Cutters Be Used?

Laser cutters are versatile, and one can use them in multiple industries and for different purposes too. Here is a list of some of them:

  • Automotive industry – There is a need for exact replicas of spare parts in different shapes and sizes in automotive industries. Laser cutters allow cutting metals and body pieces and also to helps in engraving buttons in the interior of the vehicles and record serial numbers on manufactured products and spare products.
  • Mold and tool industries – Laser cutting is used to make injection molds with accuracy. It makes the process of mold making easy and precise and much less time-consuming.

In the tool industry, like in the automotive industry, laser cutting is used for marking and engraving the tools and manufacturing simple tools.

  • Jewelry industries – Laser cutters can achieve the precision of cutting that makes jewelry making easier. And it is also used for engraving designs or inscriptions on the ornaments.
  • Medical industry – Laser surgery and manufacturing of medical equipment are some of the practical uses of laser cutters. CO2 lasers are commonly used in the medical industry.

It is effective in removing soft tissues. It is used in making precise cuts and takes less time to heal. It is very convenient and also comfortable for the patients. It prevents excessive bleeding and reduces the risks of infection too.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Laser Align Cutters?

The advantages of using laser align cutters are

  • The high precision of this process makes it easier to engrave details more specifically and create clean and precise cuts.
  • The speed of production is faster.
  • It allows the cutting of various materials without causing damage.
  • It is compatible with any vector software.
  • It doesn’t generate any dust waste.
  • It is very safe to use.


Although there are many advantages, there are some disadvantages too. For example, it becomes difficult to cut thicker materials and high-density materials like glass. Sometimes, it burns the edges of materials that we wish to cut. In addition, cutting materials like plastic using laser cutters produces toxic emissions. And some cutters require higher levels of energy which increases the production costs of the industries.

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