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Is Architecture a Field Worth Going Into?

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What is an Architect?

The individuals who design, plan, and lead construction projects of buildings are known as architects. The field of architecture has a similar definition, summarized as the design and construction of a building that holds human occupancy.

These buildings include but are not limited to houses, apartment complexes, office buildings, and any buildings that humans use to live, work, and occupy. The word architect originated in the Greek language. In the Greek language, the architect was known as a chief builder.

What are the Educational and Professional Requirements for Becoming an Architect?

For an architect to practice, they must have specialized training, completed an internship, and have some sort of advanced education or degree.

The internship is essential because this allows the architect to have real-world practice before building a safe and secure building that can house people. Each state or country also has specific requirements for an architect before employing or maintaining a license to practice.

Whatever jurisdiction that architect is working in, they have to register with that jurisdiction. They must also ensure that they have met all the jurisdiction’s requirements of having the proper experience, education, and passing the appropriate licensing examination.

Most architects need a PhD and attend a university to receive their architectural degrees. This degree can be either a bachelor’s or a master’s in architecture. After completing their degree, an internship usually follows and prepares to sit down and take the licensure examination.

 What are the Pros of Being an Architect?

Listed here are some of the pros of being an architect. Architects do not have to do much math and they have the freedom to be very creative when working on projects. Every project that they work on is very different and they get to network and work with a variety of other people. Being an architect is a highly respectable career and they have the privilege to travel doing work all over the world.

Strong literacy and math skills are not needed – The reason why strong math literacy is not required as an architect is because there is not a lot of math involved with the career as long as the architect can perform basic math and recall standard calculations in the industry such as the average sizes of kitchens, bathrooms, and so forth.

With the advancement of technology, any sophisticated math is usually done on computers or by engineers working alongside the architect.

Creativity –

Most architects get more creative freedom as they gain more experience in the industry. This creative freedom comes because they are spending less time reading construction documents and dealing with technical issues. For anyone who likes to be creative and see their visions come to life, becoming an architect is the right way to go.

Working on various projects –

The reason projects vary as an architect is that each project has its own set of demands, issues, and clients. There are consistently last-minute changes that clients are requesting daily.

The New technology, materials used, and techniques are constantly evolving in the industry as well. So this constant evolvement in the areas listed is another reason why the projects that an architect works on will vary significantly.

Networking –

Working as an architect also allows the individual to meet many different types of people who can benefit their career. Architects often find themselves working for or crossing paths with very wealthy individuals across all various industries.

Highly Respectable Career –

There are few architects globally, so when someone says they are an architect, they automatically get a lot of respect because people assume they are brilliant. Being an architect is similar to being a doctor or an attorney.

The opportunity to travel –

Architects will get the chance to travel because most of them get job opportunities worldwide. Architects also use this opportunity to travel to get new inspiration for current or future projects that they will be working on.

Being an architect is a gratifying career. It is a high-paying job and it is a job that once experienced is gained, individuals have a skill where they can start their firm. With the advancement in technology, an individual with decent math skills but a wealth of creativity can quickly become a very successful architect.

There are many pros associated with becoming an architect outside of the monetary aspect, such as networking, traveling, respect, and the ability to work independently and express your creativity.

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