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Investing In Customer Training Is A Good Marketing Strategy

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Companies have been following evolved methodologies to sell their product capturing the customer’s attention on all the possible platforms. From social media marketing to email marketing, to direct sales, no platform is left to exploit its potential to attract customers.

With technological advancements, the products are becoming more complex. To provide an excellent customer experience, it is not sufficient only to reach out to the customers but to provide the required support and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

A simple and effective solution is to provide customer training. Also referred to as an extended enterprise learning, the elearning program can be designed for external customers and partners. The learning program helps the user of the product to leverage its usefulness to its maximum potential. Such post-sales experience has proven to be beneficial for the companies in terms of providing excellent customer experience thus increasing the sales and earning loyal customers.

Listed below are some of the benefits that one can reap from such extended enterprise programs:

Delightful Onboarding:

Providing an intuitive, fast and simple interface for your training program eases customer onboarding. With the help of this training program, the customer can explore the benefits to the maximum and will always be delighted to use the benefits of the product to its full potential. This helps in creating brand loyalty that will add to the business. While marketing your product, this feature can actually create confidence in customers by showing how much you care for them.

Increased Revenue:

It is the widely accepted fact that the cost of acquiring a new customer is much more than retaining the existing customer. By providing a well-thought training program will surely help in retaining the customers. A good customer experience leads to happy and loyal customers. Your revenue through a renewal of the services increases. It becomes easier to cross-sell other products or to sell the tools to upgrade the existing product to loyal customers. Multiple streams of revenues open up both directly and indirectly.

Customer Satisfaction

A professionally trained staff realises that “the customer is not always right,” but even if he is wrong, he has to be careful and his problem resolved. Empathy and proactivity are essential in order to satisfy the customer.

Your team can acquire and train these two attributes. So make sure to train your personnel to constantly satisfy their consumers.

Reduced Cost:

A well-curated training program will lead to the requirement of lesser support. The customer can refer to the training modules in case of issues later providing them the freedom from depending on the support team. Some products require the service agents to visit the location that includes travel costs. With an effective well thought training program through a responsive learning management tool, this cost can be brought down drastically. Also, lesser dependencies provide better ratings while providing a delightful experience.

Increased Engagement: 

A good onboarding training program provides a great customer experience and acts as a differentiator. The added value that the customer gets is much more than the troubleshooting services. In a way, the customer will engage with the brand that can derive the greater value of your product. This in turn will increase the rating of your product with the help of increased CSAT and NPS.

Brand Promotion:

Complex products when used easily with the help of good training will lead to satisfied customers. Such customers become vocal about the product and recommend it in their circle of contacts. In other words, they indirectly become your brand ambassadors. Customers with positive word of mouth advocate your product thus attracting more customers with their recommendations.


Benefits of customer training are not limited to the list mentioned above.

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