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How Web Design Can Affect Your Online Sales?

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Reaching the top is not a guarantee of active growth in the number of customers, orders, and conversions. There are hundreds and even thousands of sites that are at the top for a number of key queries, but they have low conversion rates.

Why is this so? Let’s answer in one word: design.

A well-thought-out website design affects the behaviour of visitors, is directly related to effective SEO promotion, and, therefore, to attracting customers and sales growth. The site should be made as convenient and understandable as possible. And in this case, the uniqueness of the design is only sometimes crucial.

What are UI/UX website design and its impact on sales – let’s talk further.

What Is UI/UX Design?

UX design is a user experience.

Its essence is not how the site looks, but how convenient it is perceived. UX design is responsible for the placement of menus, buttons, banners, and other page elements. Furthermore, UX is the “user’s path” from point A to point B. Thanks to a well-crafted UX design, the page actually guides the user by hand to the target action, which involves ordering a product or service.

UI design user interface. 

These are straightforward graphical details: the appearance of buttons and icons, animations, fonts, and so on. Everything the user sees on the screen. The main goal of UI design is the aesthetics of the website and conformity to the corporate image. With its help, the focus is on targeted actions (buttons “Buy” / “Call”) and evoking emotional responses and trust in the company from users.

How does good web design affect the first impression?

It doesn’t matter which field of business, your product, or your service is. Your website only has 10 seconds to impress your visitors.

After it’s over, a person either continues to explore the site or loses interest in it.

  • A good website design quickly and clearly tells visitors where they are, what they can do there, and why they should stay. In order for your website to outperform your competitors and rank higher in search results, it starts with making it better for your visitors.
  • Website owners should consider the needs of their target audience. Only in this way can he ensure the systematic growth and sufficient conversion rate of the targeted traffic. When a person needs a product or service, they go online and look for different websites related to their topic of interest, view, research, and compare them. And where is the application? Everything is best suited to his needs.

A professional web design company Lounge Lizard will be able to competently build a website without overloading the resource with widgets, animations, and videos, which will not allow the site to “fall”. Thanks to this, your client will not have to wait long for the download, and he will not leave you for a competitor.

How does website design impact sales?

In addition to convenience and beauty, the design has another great feature. This is the ability to place accents. In the hands of a skilled designer, it is a very powerful tool.

With the help of accents, you can pay attention to the advantages and close the shortcomings. And bright, expressive buttons make it clear where to press, while no one will pay attention to small and inconspicuous ones.

And this is not deceiving the user, but managing attention on our resources. If we control attention, we control the situation. We can predict the user’s behavior and do everything to make him buy from us.

So website design is not something you should save on. Having saved a few thousand on a web designer, you will constantly spend tens or even hundreds of thousands on ineffective advertising and promotion.

Top 3 questions about website design

1. Why does web design affect conversion?

The web design of a page can have a big impact on conversions, because how well a page is designed depends on how quickly and easily a visitor can achieve a goal: buying a product, ordering a service, finding a contact number, etc. Some web design mistakes lead to website conversions rate dropping significantly.

2. How does web design affect SEO?

This provides an improved user experience. The precise and predictable design makes navigation easier and makes users stay on your pages much longer.

It is easier for search robots to index your site. Search robots “crawl”the Internet looking for new information that needs to be indexed to make the site visible in search results.

If the design of your site is not intuitive and difficult for users to navigate, it will be the same for search robots. It will be difficult for them to move from page to page, which will complicate indexing and, accordingly, negatively affects your position in the search results.

3. Do websites affect sales?

Let’s draw an analogy between an offline store and visitor impressions. If there’s no one handling the building’s facade for an extended period of time, price tags and typography on posters look incongruous, and there’s no seller nearby to place an order with, it’s likely that a visitor will quickly decide on a competitor to go to.

The design of the store works the same way in the online area. Agreed that even people who are far from web development can identify obsolete websites. The lack of structure in the interface, sloppy layout and image manipulation, and disproportionate fonts put users off. Therefore, you should not even have a question: do websites increase sales? Definitely increase!

Personal design development is a large amount of work that includes not only the visual part. It is a creative response to the needs and “pains” of the target audience of your product. However, design and packaging are what sell the product and distinguish it from a large number of competitors.
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