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How to use Technology in the Classroom?

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Tutors are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to educate students with technology. There’s no denying that the use of technology makes students engage more with what they’re being taught and make lessons more interesting.

The use of technology sees a very high level of involvement according to many tutors. Students can use tablets, smartphones, and even PCs during lessons. There are a few ways a tutor can use technology to improve the overall experience.

Technology can be used to stream videos

The internet has made it easy for tutors across the world to incorporate videos during lessons via streaming. Anything that can’t be explained with words, can be explained visually via videos. The days of having a mountain of videotapes sitting in the tutor’s drawers are over. This was the only way one could watch videos but life these days is much simpler.

There’s no need to own video cassettes and VCRs anymore and anything a computer science tutor wants can easily be accessed via the internet. With 4G and 5G internet at our disposal, steaming is smoother now than it was 20 years ago. There is less buffering now when watching clips on platforms like YouTube to teach students a certain topic. With thousands of videos available online, you will be able to find what you’re looking to successfully engage your students in any lesson.

Educational games and apps can use in class settings thanks to technology

Another industry that has evolved massively thanks to technology is gaming. When people think of games these days, they think of current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Educational games on these consoles are few and far between and that’s why tutors always encourage their students to play games on computers and tablets. This is because these platforms are known to have plenty of free games to choose from which can enhance the learning process of students compared to the PlayStation and Xbox One.

Anyone who wants to improve their essay writing skills will find a game that caters to them. Instead of spending money on professional academic writers from AdvancedWriters, for example, these games can help you save money and do your essays and papers on your own. Using the method of educational games allows students to learn and have fun at the same time.

Games automatically save progress and students can know how they are progressing with their studies. Educational apps, on the other hand, there is one that’s very popular called Kahoot. This app lets students review their tutor’s information when a lesson is over.

Tutors enjoy using this because they can create a game and decide whether students should work in teams or individually. The best part about it is, this app is easily accessible on PCs and mobile phones. It is a good app to get students who are shy involved in activities.

Technology enables the use of social media platforms

Almost every student these days is active on social media. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat account which they use to communicate with family and friends. If you are a tutor who has older students, the chances of them being on social media are very high.

They will be on their phone and PCs a lot and the best way to communicate with them these days is via ZOOM. This is a video chatting platform that allows many people to come together and communicate with each other at the same time. It is a wonderful conference call platform that can be used by students to support one another as well as share ideas.

Skype is also another one that has been around for many years and it is still used to this day to communicate via video and audio. Group chats on Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook can be used by a tutor to get the word out to students. It is instant, can be seen by everyone and anyone who is added to the group can contribute.

Technology helps start blogs

One of the best ways a tutor can share their ideas with their students is by starting a blog. Setting up a blog is very simple and you can use platforms like Tumblr. Some colleges and universities have their very own blog pages which tutors can also use to provide their students with the materials they need.

If you tell your students that if they produce high-quality content it will be published on the school blog, it will inspire them to produce the best work possible. Their fellow students have a chance to read what they have written and produce feedback.

Technology allows tutors to start podcasts

When class activities are finished, a tutor can create a podcast for the students. There is no shortage of places where one can post their podcast. Places like YouTube, Spotify, Edmodo are a few of many platforms that a podcast can be uploaded onto.

Students can miss a class due to illness and this is a wonderful way for them to catch up. Some students who wish to share their thoughts on a lesson can record their podcasts to increase the level of interaction with their peers and tutors thanks to technology.

Technology helps with PowerPoint presentations

The use of PowerPoints in the classroom is done by many tutors to introduce a concept. There is a high level of engagement when a PowerPoint presentation is used because students can see a visual representation of what’s being taught. There are plenty of graphics, bullet points, links to important videos, and more that help bring the lesson to life through slides.

Technology helps tutors upload homework assignments online

Instead of manually printing homework assignments, a tutor can use Moodle, Brightspace, and Blackboard to post them online. Students can access them any time they please which also increases the engagement levels and helps your students to be better organized.

Technology helps have an online grading system

Communication across the board is very important. Everyone from teachers, parents, and the admin department all have to be on the same page for students to perform at the highest level. An online grading system helps students know what they’re good at as well as areas that need improvement. The perfect system for posting grades, managing transcripts, attendance, and more is called PowerSchool.

Technology can turn a boring session into an exciting one especially if a tutor looks to enhance the learning experience with lovely clips. Podcasts and blogs encourage students to collaborate even more and thanks to things like mobile phones, more powerful computers, and tablets.  Learning is more fun now than it was in the past. You can find a lot of benefits of using technology in the classroom and you can take advantage of anything you need.

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