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How to Stay Healthy During Holidays

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Are you also sure that vacation is a time explicitly created to relax and, as they say, to go on a break? Welcome to the club. But if you deliberately saved up days before it, without exchanging for nothing, and now you’re going to do nothing for a month, then this can become a problem.

“How? Well, how can you resist, when it comes to unlimited snacks, cocktails at the bar and sun loungers by the pool, which allure you? ”, You ask. We agree, it will be difficult to do this, but if you try, then everything will work out. And the simple health tips below will help you get back from a trip – or maybe a lazy vacation with your grandmother in the village – with perfect health and figure.

  • Drink as much water as possible

And that’s all about it. Drinking enough water is generally important, but when you go on vacation to hot countries – especially. Moreover, even if most of the time you spend at the hotel. In addition to thirst, dehydration can lead to weight gain (due to water reserves in the body), a slowed metabolism and impaired renal function.

In addition, on vacation, we tend to consume more alcohol, and water will speed up its excretion and reduce the symptoms of a hangover. And do not forget that water can be made more interesting by adding citrus fruits, cucumber, fresh herbs or berries to it.

  • Protect skin and hair

Spending all days in the sun, you can dry your skin and hair, and it is important to take measures to prevent this from happening. First of all, capture (or purchase locally) Sunblock – this applies not only to products for the face and body but also a spray to protect hair from UV rays and saltwater. It will not be superfluous to reconsider your diet during the trip. To moisturize the body from the inside, nutritionists recommend foods high in fatty acids (fish, avocados, vegetable oils, seeds). As health tips for hair, experts advise every 3-4 days to make an intensive mask of coconut oil.

And, of course, do not go outside without a hat, because in a hot climate – especially after such a summer that this year we got – getting a heat stroke is easier than it seems. Another useful tip: add blueberries to your diet, which studies show have natural sun protection properties.

  • Be careful when flying

Hours spent on an airplane can affect not only your well-being (oh, this jetlag) but also your skin condition. That is why before the flight, even if it lasts a couple of hours, it will be useful to apply a thick layer of moisturizer to your face, and have thermal water or a tonic in spray format on hand to help you refresh yourself at any time.

Another problem with airplanes is recycled (that is, used repeatedly) air, which increases your chances of catching a cold if any of the passengers are still sick or have recently been ill. Studies show that high doses of vitamin C can really strengthen the immune system, so choose drinks, not citrus juice, from drinks on board, and when eating before the flight, bet on bell peppers, Brussels sprouts, and strawberries rich in this element.

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  • Follow the rule of one plate

A buffet with many attractive dishes is a sure way to bring from vacation not only vivid impressions but also extra pounds. Scientific experiments show that kebabs in nature, for example, lead to overeating in the vast majority of cases. Moreover, even if you reduce the portion that you planned to eat initially, by a third. Needless to say about all-inclusive.

To keep the body in shape, nutritionists’ advice is simple health tips to follow the rule of one plate. Yes, you really can take whatever you want. But keep in mind that this will be your only plate – and no additives like “just one tomato” or “another tiny piece”. It is this approach that will help you eat wisely.

  • Do not overwork!

Many of us try not to miss a single party these days because we are afraid to offend by refusing an invitation. Absolutely, your friends and relatives will still love you and invite you next time. It is much more important to stay at home and relax than to come to the event already tired, exhausted and in a bad mood. Often viewing photos from parties on social networks makes us feel like we are missing something while sitting at home in our pajamas, but remember that social networks are not a reflection of reality. Perhaps you get as much pleasure relaxing in your pajamas under a plaid, watching Christmas movies, as your friends at parties. Be attentive to yourself and remember that it is better to enjoy every moment of life than to try to manage everything and arrive in a state of endless stress.

  • Packing things up? Do not forget about the first-aid kit!

Another important but simple health tip is to be sure to find out what vaccinations are needed to travel to these countries. The following diseases are characteristic of North and Central America: infectious, cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, diarrhea, hepatitis A, malaria. For the vacation to go well, you need to help your body repel the attacks of foreign diseases. Start taking the vitamin-mineral complex no later than a week before the intended departure. The optimal balance of nutrients will help support the body in new climatic conditions and strengthen its immunological properties. It is also worth diversifying your menu in favor of fruits and vegetables. They will deliver the necessary nutrients to the body to help strengthen your immune defenses.

Pay attention to the length of the night’s rest. If you do not get enough sleep, then allocate one or two hours in the afternoon to relax the body. Sleep is very important because it is at this time that the body regains its expended strength. If this does not happen, then the body draws energy from additional reserves, which leads to an imbalance in the body’s balance and, as a result, immunity is weakened.

The body’s water balance is also very important. The daily water norm should be at least one and a half to two liters of still mineral water. This excludes juices, tea, coffee, and other drinks. It is only about water. Therefore, by the time of vacation, try to normalize the water level of your body to ensure not only maximum hydration of the skin but also support the immune system.

  • Enjoy yourself!

Enjoy life, healthy choices! Do not feel guilty about what you are doing or not doing, and please do not start another crazy diet after the January holidays. Life is balance and pleasure. And if for you New Year’s holidays are endless feasts with friends and relatives, so be it. Try to make the right informed choices in nutrition – enjoy your toasts with avocados, smoothies, and lightness in the stomach. Try to move more and get enough sleep. Do not drive yourself into stress if this does not work out every day. Enjoy the holidays, life and treat yourself with love and respect!

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