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How to Serve an Eviction Notice Online

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If you are looking forward to getting to know all about Eviction notices, then you have landed on the right website. In this article, we are going to let you know all the essential details about it.

We have done extensive research and gathered data from various sources to learn all the necessary information about the eviction notice. Read this article till the end, and we hope by the end of this article you will be able to find all the answers to your quarries.

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What is an Eviction Notice

The term eviction indicates the civil procedure by which a landlord may remove tenants based on lawful grounds from their rental property. Eviction may begin when the tenant is no longer paying the rent, or when the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breached, or in other situations allowed by law.

cocodocIn the United States, the process of eviction is dealt with by individual states and particular municipalities. Landlords are asked to inform renters that they are being evicted with a notice stating the reason for the eviction and the number of days before eviction proceedings start.

In simple words, we can say that it is the court-ordered removal of a tenant from the property where they reside for various reasons. You can also check out the homepage of CocoDoc, to learn how all of this works.

If the tenant doesn’t offer a remedy, then the landlord can start eviction proceedings through a court. In the end, judges hear testimony, examine the evidence, and plan to evict or deny a landlord’s request.

Types of Eviction Notices

Following are the significant types of eviction notices that one should know about in case of need:

Late Payment of Rent

When a renter is late with their rent payment, the property owner notices asking rent or leaving premises. This notice sets out a particular time during which the renter can pay the rent plus any late fees the landlord might impose.

In most states, this time falls between three to five days; that is why you may have heard this kind of notice indicated as the “three-day eviction notice” or “three-day pay rent or quit notice.”

Severe Violations/Infractions

When an issue is severe, including persistent and continuous harm, constant lease violations, a pattern of late or no payments, or the commission of a serious criminal act, you would not like the tenant to live in your place.

You will use a notice to quit, mainly considered an unconditional quit notice, stating the tenant must shift from the place by a specific date, with no possibility of sparing from eviction via payment or action.

Before giving such a notice, though, it’s vital to check your state’s laws to ensure the issue you’re dealing with falls within the range of activities for which such notice is allowed.

Lease Violations

In such cases where your renter is involved in a specific behavior that breaks the terms and conditions of the lease, including smoking or having pets when such activities are not allowed and were being decided beforehand, then you should utilize a notice to correct/cure or quit. State laws differ as to how much time you require to give your tenant to resolve the issue.

Termination of Lease

The 30- or 60-day notice to quit is utilized when the lease contract is month-to-month rather than for a specified term. In such cases, you’re terminating the lease without any reason, and, as with the other kinds of eviction notices, proper research into local laws is needed to ensure you can lawfully send such a notice.

Types of Eviction Notices to Quit

Below enlisted are some of the primary types of eviction notices to quit that you should know if you need to send one:

  • There is a 3-day notice to quit that is utilized to terminate a tenancy when the renter is unable to pay rent, violates the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, is using the property for an illegal purpose, has caused damage to the property, or has created a nuisance.
  • Another one is a 30-day notice to quit that can be used to terminate a residency of a residential property that has been in duration for less than one year.
  • The last one is a 60-day notice to quit that can be utilized to terminate a tenancy of a residential property that has been in duration for more than one year.

The Benefit of Sending an Eviction Notice

One of the foremost benefits of sending an eviction notice is that owners of a property can safeguard their property rights whenever needed. Through this notice, they can make sure that their rights are being protected and can make the most out of the terms and conditions that are being decided beforehand in the agreement.

For tenants, it is essential to follow the terms being specified in the contract so they can save themselves from trouble. The only advantage that a tenant can avail themselves of from the notice is the time limit given to them to fix the issue at their end and don’t have to leave the place at the exact moment after they receive the notice.

How to Serve an Eviction Notice

Following are some ways through which users can serve an eviction notice whenever needed. Please have a look and find out what’s the difference between them.

Usage of a Process Server

There are numerous methods to serve a notice of eviction. An owner of the property can employ a process server or expert service that will deal with the actual serving of the notice of removal to the tenant. The issue with this is that the renter often is not easy to serve when they are behind on the rent and know that the property owner is looking for them.

Notice of Eviction of Certified Mail

The most productive method to serve a notice of eviction is to share the notice through certified mail with a return receipt. After this, you are done, the notice of eviction is being sent to the property, including the front door or garage.

It is essential to note that the landlord may not do things such as change the locks or shut off power or water to the property when the eviction process is in the middle. Once the notice is sent, it is up to the local authorities to use force and implement the order if the tenants do not obey.


You would now probably be able to understand all the essential details of an eviction letter. This notice is necessary for the landlords to add specific terms and conditions before renting their place to anyone.

You should remember all the details if you are about to hire a tenant for your place to rent in. There are many online sources from which you will find a suitable format, so go for it and download your required notice format.

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