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How to Reduce the use of Plastic in Your Daily Life?

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The whole world is shouting about global warming and other concerns. And as the main culprit, humans recognise the fact that they are the actual cause. The talks and international discussions take place, the world organisations like WHO tells the impact of the consequences on us. Yes, up to an extent we are concerned about this. However, the actual change comes when things come to the stage of implementation.

As the smartest creature of the planet, it is our responsibility to take the initiative and change things for good. Use of plastic is one of the most threatening habits that we have. Our daily life depends on it so much that the thought of its absence makes us feel incomplete. From water bottles to shopping bags, for everything we need plastic. A large part of oceans carries plastic waste.

As compared to the damage, we are perhaps not working for the revival. For our own sake, we need to work on the ways that are necessary to have a cleaner planet, nation and state.

Here are several ways to help you learn how to reduce the use of plastic in our day-to-day life.

Stop buying bottled water

This is the most frequent part of our routine. Before boarding the metro, while travelling, while shopping in a mall, everywhere we go, we buy water bottles. More than a massive amount of plastic gets the chance to enter in our life so simply through this. Avoid this habit and carry your water bottle with you. The stainless steel bottles are there in every shape and size. Go for them; they are durable as well as friendly to nature.

Make frequent visits to grocery stores that use paper

A huge waste of plastic comes from the kitchen. We buy things in bulk, and the plastic too comes in bulk. This repeats every month, every year and then for decades. It has already been done for countless times. You can easily imagine the mess we have given to our mother nature.

To avoid this, you should visit the stores as much as possible that use paper bags. This will inspire the other stores too to use the same. Collective results cannot be achieved without collective efforts.

Avoid the use of straws

That sleek, thin plastic pipe that we use to drink a cold drink, juice etc. is harming our earth. You may use them and then throw in the dustbin, thinking that they are used and useless now. However, they keep working on their contribution to making this planet unbearable to live for the coming generations. You need to stop using it now. As a replacement either you can use reusable stainless steel straw or glass straw. Carry it in your bag, and you will become a friend of nature. Small efforts always give big results. Your contribution can bring significant changes in the good cause of ‘save earth’ mission.

Use cloth bags

Cloth bags are multipurpose, and you can reuse them. They are durable and friendly to the environment. They are soft and flexible, fold them and keep with you. Most importantly, they are free because you can make them at home. An old bedsheet, t-shirt, tablecloth, anything that is useless in your stock of clothes can be used.

In fact, many people are already doing this, and the spread of awareness is showing good signs on this. Even the big fashion designers are making cloth bags representing the cultural cores in varied countries. If you are a fashionista and need a fantastic replacement of plastic bags, then any fashion company can help you.

Choose cardboard over plastic

Buy those things that come in cardboard boxes, for example – dish soap, detergent soap, pasta etc. Do not pick their options that come in plastic bags; the cardboards, in fact, are more useful. You can use them to keep other things also when they are empty. This habit will take time but practise makes a man (woman too) perfect. You need to work on new ways of living. Get up before it is too late.


Life gives many second chances, but if you do not recognise them, you may stop getting those chances. Take an example. You act extremely careless in your financial life, and then you have to take very bad credit loans to survive the regretful situation. Similarly, do not let conditions become too regretful. It is time to get up and start working on an issue that is bigger than our personal problems.

All your financial goals, dreams, desires will nullify if the atmosphere around is poisonous. Not for anyone, but for your good and your little humans, bring a positive change in lifestyle. STOP THE USE OF PLASTIC.

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