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How to Recover for All times Deleted Photos

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From daguerreotypes, we have come a long way from a high-resolution photos that were taken with our smartphones or cameras. Modern technology allows us to capture our memories and other interesting moments in a matter of seconds.

However, the great power of taking high-res photos anywhere and anytime is also accompanied by great responsibility for keeping them safe. It would be a huge loss if you accidentally delete your photos, and if they aren’t backed up, not being able to retrieve them.

This article will discuss solutions that can be used to prevent losing your photos. To top it all, if your photos are permanently deleted, we will show you how to recover them with the tool Wondershare Recovery.

How to Avoid Losing Photos (In The First Instance)

We often take too many photos that we forget to back them up. These helpful tips will help you store and back up your photos.

1. Keep A Copy of This Document on Your Computer

You can save a copy of important photos to your computer if it has enough storage. However, there are some risks.

If your computer’s storage becomes corrupted, you may lose the photos that you have saved.

2. A Copy of The Original should be Kept in External Storage

You can also store your photos on an external storage device. For storing data, you can choose an HDD or SSD. Both drives are reliable but the SDD is more expensive because it has a faster read/write speed.

3. Cloud Storage is a Great Option

Cloud storage is a flexible, reliable, and convenient way to store your virtual data. Google Photos and Apple iCloud are the most popular.

Google Photos lets you store high-resolution photos. The free plan allows you to store up to 15GB of data. You can also use iCloud to store up to 15 GB of data if you’re an iOS or Mac user.

You may also have other cloud storage options such as Flickr, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. You can learn more about each service here.

4. Time Machine Backup for Mac Users

Mac users can backup their data using the Time Machine app. You can backup certain external storage devices that are connected to your Mac, or that are accessible on your network.

Connect an external storage device with your Mac that stores your photos. Next, go to System Preferences. Click Time Machine and Choose Backup Disk. Select the name of the disk you wish to back up, and then click UseDisk. Time Machine will automatically create periodic backups.

5. Create A Private Facebook Album

Facebook lets you create a private album that you only can view. This option allows you to make a backup of your photos in case of an emergency.

This Option can be Used to Make A Backup in Case of an Emergency

These tips and solutions are only precautionary to ensure that your photos don’t get lost forever. If it’s too late and you have lost all or some of your most memorable photos, there is still hope.

Wondershare is the solution. This data recovery tool allows you to recover your photos and videos.

It doesn’t matter whether photos were deleted from your computer or an external hard drive. This tool can retrieve permanently deleted photos from almost any location.

Recoverit also supports all file types with a high success ratio. This tool can be used to recover photos that have been lost because of accidental deletion, device corruption, or virus attack, as well as formatting issues.

How to Recover Photos Using Recoverit

After a brief introduction to the Recoverit Tool, we will show you how to recover photos permanently deleted from your computer:

  1. This folder contains some photos which we put in the Trash. Then, we permanently deleted it from my Trash. It is permanently deleted once a file has been removed from the Trash.
  2. Launch the Recoverit app. Select the location where you deleted files you wish to recover. In my case, it is the Trash folder.
  3. It will begin a quick scan and will display all results within a matter of minutes.
  4. We found the folder we had permanently deleted from Trash and clicked the Recover button to get all my photos back to the exact same location.

This is how easy it is to retrieve your photos and videos that have been permanently deleted from your computer or another storage device.


The latest technology allows us to take many more photos at higher resolutions and with greater ease. The more photos you take, the more difficult it becomes to manage them and keep them safe from possible loss.

This article contains some suggestions and tips to keep your photos safe from being permanently deleted or lost. It doesn’t matter what data you have, whether it is photos or other types of data, you should always make a backup.

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