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How To Promote Apps With Search Ads

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Apple now offers a new way to promote apps on the App Store: Search Ads. You can create an advertising campaign and get your app noticed by millions of users.

L ‘ App Store Advertising (ASA) is a tool to get more attention and downloads for your app. It’s not about appearing in organic search results, it’s about ads and paid campaigns on app stores.

Google introduced paid Play Store campaigns for sponsored apps back in 2019, while Apple only recently launched Search Ads for the App Store.

How does paid advertising help app popularity?

What are the benefits of paid ads on the App Store? Millions of people visit app stores daily to search for Whiteboard Animation’s new applications. In fact, over 65% of downloads come directly from a search in an App Store. Sure, if the audience your app is targeting is specific, it might be more convenient to use other marketing channels, but if your app intends to serve a more general audience, then app stores are your primary marketing channel. So if you promote apps on it, then there are best chances to get huge traffic.

How can you use Search Ads?

Apple gives you the ability to promote apps in a very simple way. Just choose the application you want to advertise, set a advertising budget, define your keywords and Search Ads will automatically create your advertisements. And if there is a good match to the keyword, your sponsored app will appear first in the App Store search results.

The app appears in search ads with a blue background and an icon that identifies it as an advertisement so that users can clearly see that it is a paid ad.


You pay only when a users clicks on the ad and you define the maximum cost for each click, in this way you can keep your expenses under control. There is no minimum budget, and Apple is offering advertisers a $ 100 credit for a limited time.

Advanced functions

Open Search Ads and create your campaign. You can experiment and test many advanced features, you can target different types of devices (iPhone or iPad), location, gender or age (18-24, 24-35, etc.). For example, if you have a dedicated food delivery app, you can target your area and a certain age group.

Once you’ve kicked off your campaign, it’s easy to track your ad performance such as the number of clicks, tap-through-rate (TTR) and how many downloads you got from the ad.


Keep in mind that App Store Advertising (ASA) only makes sense when you optimize your application with App Store Optimization (ASO). Apple uses metadata to define the relevance of your ads. And, in fact, relevance takes priority over price. This means you need to optimize your app for search results in the app stores. If Apple sees that the app is not relevant, then the app will not appear in search results, regardless of the budget you have invested.

Make sure your app description is relevant and choose the keywords that best describe the app. Plus, you can read our article on App Store Optimization so that you can best optimize your application for all app stores.

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