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How to Monetize Blogs and Podcasts?

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You invest hours of labor, energy and love in your blog, and over the months and years since you first started posting, you’ve gained a sizable following.

Now it’s time to start putting your blog to work for you so you can finally leave your office job behind, sign a six figure book deal, get famous and sail around the world. Seriously.

Monetizing your internet hobby may not be easy, but it’s certainly possible. It just a takes a little noodling and a bit of patience. Here’s how to get started.

Making Money with your Blog or Podcast

The most challenging step to blog monetization lies in attracting readers. So get that taken care of first before you start developing inflated expectations about money. Consult with experts for advice on expanding your web presence and raising your search engine rankings. Then start generating revenue by exploring the following options:

Sponsors and advertisers: Enlist sponsors who can provide you with funding. In exchange, you can offer designated advertising space on your page, public thanks, or regular positive recommendations.

You can also allow sponsors to place direct buying opportunities for their products within your content. This is sometimes called the advertising or affiliate business model.

Merchandise: You’re giving your words and content away for free, but loyal, passionate readers may also be interested in buying related products like t shirts, books, posters or music downloads.

Registration: If you’re confident that your followers will pay to read your content, you can even consider charging for access to your site. Investigate this option carefully, since it involves a degree of risk.

Always remember: the internet is new, and as of yet, none of us have explored the full range of its possibilities. We know a few ways to channel this amazing new reality into cold cash, but the best revenue channels are the ones that haven’t been invented yet.

Keep your eyes and ears open, exercise your creativity, and keep pouring your energy into writing and thinking about what you love. Do this, and the money will come. Meanwhile, reach out to the experts at Seven Atoms for tips and guidance.

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