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How to Make Money through Video Gaming

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Gaming is a fun activity and our new generation just loves it. They enjoy gaming like their life depends on it. Once you start gaming, you don’t realize when you get addicted to it and find yourself playing games for hours every day.

You sit to play a game and hours go by minutes. You even lose track of time. This all happens because gaming is just so much fun and engaging.

This is something every gamer does with all his heart. If you are also into gaming, you can relate to everything I am saying.

However, you almost always get that regret that you have wasted so much of your time. The family also plays a great role in ensuring that we feel bad for playing video games. You might think that you could have studied or worked and earned some money.

We even study so we can get a good job and make good money. However, the times have changed due to the rise of technology. Today, you can make money out of everything if you are good at it.

This also means you can make money from playing video games. This means you get to do something you love and get paid for it. It is the absolute definition of luxury.

If you want to play games and get to a professional level, you are going to need a good gaming device.

You can follow the link to see the latest and most advanced computers if you are wondering where to buy a gaming desktop.

Once you have the right device, you can start gaming and follow one of the mentioned methods to cash that time.

Write Game Reviews

A great way to earn from your gaming is by writing reviews. If you have a knack for writing, you can start a blog of your own and publish your reviews about every game. It doesn’t cost much to start a blog. You only need a basic website and a domain and hosting. It will not cost you more than $50.

Once you start getting traffic on your website, you can start running ads for every company like Google. You will be paid for every visitor on your website. If you think that this is going to take too much time and effort, you can start offering your review content on freelance sites like Upwork.

Just make a gig that you will write a review on any game and how much you will charge for a detailed technical review.

When you get a gig, install that game and play it for as long as you want. Once you are done playing, write your thoughts about the game and send the article to your client. This means none of your will go to waste.

Create a YouTube Channel

If you don’t like the idea of writing, you can do another thing to share your review knowledge with the world. This is also not going to be easy but it gives you higher chances of becoming an influencer. Simply start a YouTube channel and start posting your review videos about any game. This is not going to cost you a penny.

However, recording a video is easy but not editing it.

You will need to learn some editing skills and get good software for this job. In addition to making review videos, you can also share your knowledge of the game with the world.

There are many games that would want to learn tips and tricks in every game. You can share your tricks with them if you are a pro at a game. Furthermore, you can record the game while playing and upload it. This also gets you a lot of views and money.

Test Coming Video Games

You can contact video game developers and offer your services as a tester. These companies hire good video gaming players and pay them good money to play their games. You would play and point out all the mistakes and things missing from the game.

It’s basically the same as writing a review of the game. However, you will get the game before anyone else even before the launch. They will give you the beta version and hope that you can provide them some useful insights that will help them improve the game before launching it.

Live Stream on Twitch

Twitch is a popular streaming website in the USA that pays special attention to video games. All you have to do is play the game and stream it live. It’s just as simple as that. You will get paid for the visitors you can attract to your stream. Alternatively, you could get yourself a .live domain and start streaming on your own website. Or, you could use your website to brand and/or market your unique streaming style. 

However, you will have to work hard before you will be able to build a following. You either have to spend some months regularly on the website to make a name or be extremely good at gaming. People will watch you play the game for entertainment and to learn from your gaming tricks.

Participate in Gaming Competition

These days we see a lot of gamer celebrities. Video gaming has become a sport just like soccer and basketball. International competitions are conducted for popular games such as Tekken. If you are really good at gaming, you should join these competitions.
If you secure one of the top positions, not only will you get paid a big amount but also become a celebrity. Brands will sponsor you and pay you for becoming their ambassador.

Design Your Video Game

You might be thinking that you have to be a programmer to develop a game, and you are absolutely right. However, programmers don’t come up with game ideas. If you get a good idea, you can start designing the game.

You don’t necessarily have to design it on a computer. Simply visualize the game in your mind or on paper. The goal is to be able to describe it to a company that develops games. If your idea is actually good, you make a lot of money through it with only a one-time effort.

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