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How to Make Money on Etsy

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First-time sellers can find Etsy overwhelming, but that’s no reason to give up on the marketplace. Many people have been wildly successful in it.

This article shares some tips and strategies to consider when making your entry on Etsy. They include choosing the right product and name, posting great pictures on Etsy and elsewhere, using the best keywords, and taking advantage of selling tools. 

Permissible Categories 

To sell on Etsy, you must make one of the following products: handmade goods, craft supplies, or vintage items. To qualify as vintage, they must be two or more decades old. Craft supplies, homeware, jewelry, personal accessories, and home furnishings are traditionally the most successful products on the site.

Before you post, check the prices of similar products at other shops to determine the profitability of your venture. Consider the marketplace’s fees when you calculate your costs. Etsy charges a processing fee of 3% and a transaction fee of 5% of the sale price. 

Choose an Appealing Name 

After you come up with a name, check if it’s free to use. If it’s not, Etsy will indicate that. To save time from manual searching, use a tool to check Etsy username availability. Don’t take this step lightly because the name can be as important as the product. Consider that not all tools are made alike; some are far more reliable than others. 

Great Pictures are Vital to Sales

Any experienced seller on Etsy will highlight the importance of good images. Most phones can take quality pictures. Please don’t skip this step: new sellers can fail because their pictures aren’t engaging or appealing.

Some sellers use photo boxes or filters, while others take advantage of natural light to make the images more attractive. 

Harness the Power of Pinterest

Some Etsy sellers say Pinterest drives as much as half of their traffic. The social media network lets people pin pictures to virtual boards. Then, others can search for products that interest them or for people on Pinterest or follow specific boards. 

Sometimes potential buyers will follow your board on Pinterest before buying something from you on Etsy. Photos can help them imagine what the product will look like in their office or home. 

Share Your Background 

Etsy is a unique marketplace in that the artisan items on sale are not available anywhere else. Buyers want to know how you make things. They’re interested in your background. Some people go to Etsy specifically to support small businesses. You will encourage them to buy from you by being transparent about who makes your product (you or someone else) and what materials they use. 

Etsy consumers are aware of environmental impact, sustainability, and natural alternatives. Another way to attract clients is by focusing on sustainable business practices and materials.

Relevant Keywords

It is a big – and common – mistake to skip keyword tags on product listings. Keywords drive traffic, yet many overlook them. Use keyword-generating sites or try to imagine what visitors could enter when searching for your items. 

Use Selling Tools

Etsy has a seller handbook, a forum, and a community education program called the Etsy Summit that takes place once a year. The platform also offers newsletters with trend insight and seasonal tips.

Offer Free Shipping and Advertising 

You could offer free shipping and use Etsy advertising to help clients find your products. Etsy ads make it possible for your items to show up in search results by establishing a daily budget. It can be $1 a day, $5 a day, or more. 

Free shipping is another way to encourage sales and stand out in search results. Customers love free shipping on orders above a certain amount, like $30 or $40. Of course, factor shipping costs into your prices to avoid losses. 

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