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How To Increase Your Product Pre-Order Registrations With The Use Of QR Codes?

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Since many businesses are now following the product pre-order marketing strategy to secure the target number of products to be sold before its final launch, QR codes in this type of campaign can help reach more customers to sign up and get one before the official release.

Companies like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and Apple do this marketing strategy to lure more people to get excited with the product lineups they release yearly. Their means of encouraging people to pre-order improves year by year.

With QR codes becoming a staple marketing tool that many businesses from various industries use, including this tech in maximizing their pre-order registrations can help reach out to more potential buyers.

And as this technology can be easily accessed thanks to the availability of an online QR code generator with logo to convert pre-order product registrations into a scannable QR code, businesses can quickly revolutionize their strategies with its use.

Ways On How To Increase Your Product Pre-order Registrations With The Use Of Qr Codes

As QR codes create a new way for marketers to provide a unique pre-order experience for customers, small and established enterprises planning to integrate this marketing and sales tactic should not lag in modernizing their approach using these tools.

To increase your product pre-order registrations on your website, you can integrate the use of QR codes into the following marketing means.

Place Them In Your Print Marketing Materials

As print marketing is still a feasible marketing tactic that many marketers consider, a print product teaser is one great way for marketers to efficiently encourage more people to pre-order the product they are about to launch weeks ahead.

By simply adding a QR code for registration in posters, brochures, and more, the number of pre-orders increases as it channels people from offline platforms to their online registration sites.

Add Them To Your Product Video Promotions

An outstanding marketing video means an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their product recognized by more people. And one way to turn these impressions into buyers of the brand is by adding a QR code in the crucial parts of the video.

Post Them On Social Media

Suppose your company solely focuses on social media to gain more traffic and orders from users. In that case, curating a compelling post for the future product line you will launch is essential.

And as a way to add a modern tech tool in your posts, you can always add your QR code in your post and compel more followers to buy your product ahead of its official release by saving and scanning them later.

Add Them To Your Promo Product Packaging

To anticipate the following product line that you want to tease with your loyal customers while still increasing the sales of your current line, you can integrate QR codes into your promo product packaging.

By implementing the use of it, you can easily hit two goals with one marketing tactic. To make a unique-looking QR code containing the same content, you can always create your QR codes in bulk and minimize the period spent individually creating unique QR codes for every product.

How To Create A Qr Code For Product Pre-order Registration?

As you have now learned some of the possible ways to maximize your pre-order marketing strategy with QR codes, the next step that you will need to try is to create a QR code that holds your product pre-order registration site.

And to successfully create a functional one, you will need to follow these QR code generation steps carefully.

  1. Go to an online QR code generator with logo as QRTIGER and sign up for an account
  2. Choose the QR code category you want to use and fill in the required fields. (For marketing uses, select the URL category and use the bulk QR feature for product packaging promotions.)
  3. Generate your product pre-order QR code as a dynamic one.
  4. Align your QR code’s design with your branding.
  5. Run a scan test, download your QR codes and strategically place them in your marketing resources. 


Since many businesses need to ensure that the products they will be launching will become a phenomenal hit before its official launch, the product pre-order marketing strategy enables them to anticipate the number of products they need to deliver to the customers and estimate the demands of the item people will need after the launch.

And as modernization plays a significant role in encouraging more people to buy and try the company’s products, QR codes enter the game and revolutionize many online registration issues many customers’ experiences.

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