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How to Improve Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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The mobile phone has become a paramount communication tool for a lot of people. Research shows that 92% of adults owned a mobile device, and users spend 59% of their time on mobile compared to the 41% spent on desktop. Since people spend a lot of time on mobile devices, it is beneficial to take advantage of the platform to grow your business.

These days, a mobile marketing strategy is a necessary tool to survive in the business world. It can be described as the structure used to advertise products and services with mobile devices as key communication tools. Good knowledge of online marketing techniques is needed to improve the reach of a business and engage with their customers personally.

A lot of businesses are already leveraging this opportunity as mobile phones are currently used for over 40% of online transactions. Mobile marketing enables a lot of modifications, which can be used to target customers. If your mobile marketing strategy is not yielding results, here is a step-by-step guide to improving the methods used:

Research your target audience

The first step is to have a basic understanding of the audience you want to reach. You need to learn and take note of their hobbies, frequently visited sites, and mobile apps used and why. An ideal client profile should be created to understand their motivations and needs. Age group, gender, and nationality are important factors to take note of.

This will help you tailor ads to them and identify the platforms to advertise on, giving them personalized experiences. Also, the timing, tone, and colors used are very important factors and should also be considered. Surveys and Google analytics can be used to gather this information on how people use their devices. All in all, these factors should be considered and put together in order to deliver a comprehensive experience.

Set Your Aims and Objectives

Whatever marketing model is used must put the customer first. There must be a connection with the customers and they must be convinced that you can provide specific solutions to their needs. The technique used to market your product or service must be short and clear. The information provided must be easily accessed and understood to keep the customers engaged.

Additionally, there must be clearly defined goals and objectives in order to measure the progress. You have to decide the strategy that will be used to get across to the customers, and these objectives must be time-based realistically and the progress must be checked periodically. The numbers that you want to reach must be achievable and the rate must be recorded to know the changes that need to be made for better results.

Use SMS and E-Mail marketing

Use Email Marketing GmailSMS can be an effective tool to communicate and advertise. It can be used to inform people who sign up to receive notifications for sales and promotions. Research shows that 79% of mobile users rely on SMS opt-in to help them in making purchase decisions while shopping. This is an effective way to connect with audiences and increase conversion rates. The delivery of this technique is immediate, and it gives the opportunity to personally connect and receive feedback from each consumer.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the use of email addresses to advertise and send information about a particular product or service. It is estimated that the number of people with emails worldwide would have totaled over 2.2 billion. Some companies have already been positioned to take advantage of these numbers, like 39% of companies have a mobile responsive email template. The email templates designed for your website should also be mobile responsive so as to grow your market.

Create Social Media Platforms to Connect

The number of social media platforms used in the world today is amazing, with estimates of over a billion users. Social media use for mobile marketing will come in handy since 80% of the activities carried out on social media platforms occur on smartphones.

They can be used to create ads and advertising campaigns that can be easily monitored and linked to your business. There are online tools that can be used to run social media handles and profiles for businesses. These tools also collect data that can be used to modify and update the ads.

Social media also makes it easy to engage with customers personally and cater to their preferences. Different people require different approaches to convince them, and social media makes it easy to adjust to people's differences and have the highest reach. This helps in optimization as it gives direct feedback from the customers in regard to the progress and how effective the techniques are.

Design a Website Optimized for Mobile Use

Nowadays, websites should be designed to run smoothly on mobile devices. The websites used for business must be compatible and easy to navigate on mobile screens. The images used on the sites must be uploaded to size as well. If not, they'll be resized and this will cause them to load slower. This can lead to loss of customers as research shows that 60% of users want fast loading websites.

The load time should be increased at any cost because a one second delay in page response can reduce the conversions to 7%. 52% of companies already use a simple template that works for all devices, so this aspect is very important.

When articles on the sites are published, the following should be considered:

- They should be in a form that’s easy and comfortable to read on a smaller screen. The headlines used should be short so that they fit and are more inviting to click.

- Always try to avoid the headlines getting cut off the screen. The headlines and headings used should be big enough to be able to be read at first glance.

- The information should be presented in lists, so it can be easily scanned and the main idea can be gotten easily. The paragraphs should be brief and to the point.

Incorporate Location-Targeted Advertising

The development of smartphones has led to the use of location services and GPS. These tools can be used to monitor the people that visit your website and create personalized ads for them. Physical location data of your business can be included in local searches. This is a technical assignment that should be done by a developer. Adding your business on local maps makes it easier to be located.

Location-based platforms can also be used to identify your business. All you have to do is inform these platforms about your business or service and ask to be listed on their platform. These platforms can then be used to run mobile promotions. Platforms such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Gowalla can be used to identify your business. In addition, mobile ad campaigns can be used to this effect, especially for companies or establishments with a physical location.

Take Advantage of Applications

Everybody uses applications for various reasons such as performing tasks, researching information, communicating, or just playing fun mobile games. They have become an important aspect of our everyday lives, and they account for 89% of mobile media time.

Applications provide a better experience than sites, and research shows that applications take 80% of the time spent on mobile phones. Applications respond faster to commands and are more interactive with the users. It gives access to some phone features that normal browsing doesn’t. Features such as camera, phonebook, and push notifications can be utilized effectively in applications to achieve tasks. It is even easier and more engaging to perform tasks with mobile applications. Therefore, mobile applications are recommended for use to achieve productivity and get personalized content.

In-app advertisements can also be used to get attention by placing ads that appear within the use of other applications. With the long hours people spend daily playing online games, it can be a good opportunity to catch the attention of a lot of people. This also helps personalize advertising, as different types of games have different users.

If you decide to create an app, don't just upload it to the app stores. Follow the ASO best practices will help your app rank higher on the app stores. If you have a mobile game, we recommend you check how to duplicate ASO organic downloads of a mobile game. You want to create a growth strategy to get downloads and users such as finding the right keywords for your app, promoting your app, etc.

Moreover, real-time tracking should be used on mobile applications to help guide in the use of the correct language and the most appealing features on your site, and to know how the load time affected the application usage.

Use QR Codes

You must have seen QR (Quick Response) codes in different places at one point or another. They are squares with unique barcodes, which contain information about a tracker, identifier, or locator that leads to a website or application. They can be easily scanned by mobile phones to get this embedded information and redirect the user to the web page or application attached to it.

It is now very common in advertising because of its ease of use, compared to typing a URL manually. It can be used to offer exclusive content to consumers such as coupons, discounts, and special offers. There are services online that can be used to generate these codes such as Kaywa.

Keep Updating and Keep Up With the Current Trends

It is important to be aware of the trends in the advertising industry, so they can be used to your advantage. The content available on the website should not remain the same. There should be consistent updates and improvements based on the users' preferences. Consistent changes should be made from information gotten from analytics. New technologies should be tried regularly, so you will not be left behind when they become mainstream.

Final thoughts about your mobile marketing strategy

And there you have it! The ultimate guide on how to optimize your mobile marketing strategy. Other methods that can be used to improve your mobile marketing are push notifications, Bluetooth marketing, and mobile site redirection.

Ultimately, the main purpose is to bring these customers back to patronize your product or service. There must be incentives, which will encourage them to come back and tell others about it. Whatever marketing technique you use should highlight those incentives and put them at the forefront.

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