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How to Grow Your Leads Through Blog promotion

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No doubt you have heard by now how important it is to have a blog.

There are incredible tools in the market that can grow your leads and promote your brand for a relatively small cost. If it isn’t as effective as you would like, there are a number of other ways to increase traffic to your blog.

Here is what you need to know:

Keywords Are a Blogger’s Best Friend
Visibility on the web, what internet marketers call Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is crucial in getting your blog noticed and increasing its traffic. Keywords are the words or phrases that help a search engine find what you are looking for.

Having well researched keywords and putting them into your blog content means more web searches will find you and therefore more potential leads.

Make Sure You’re Connected
In order to cast a wide net and make sure you are reaching your audience, put links to your blogs in your social media channels. Everybody interacts with the internet differently and not everybody visits the same places online.

For example, some people use social bookmarking sites like Reddit or Mashable to search for information, while others stick mostly with Facebook or Twitter. In order to reach these customers you need to be where they are.

Keep the Conversation Going
While a business blog is a great way to bring in readers to your site, the ultimate goal is to engage those readers and turn them into customers. A Call-to-Action (often abbreviated CTA) is the blogger’s best tool of the trade when it comes to engaging potential leads.

They are usually just a line or two at the end of a blog that asks the reader to take some sort of action, either by asking them to leave a comment, directing them to your contact page or online store with a link, or by presenting links to other articles.

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