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How to Grow your Brand with Reddit? Reddit Growth Hacking & Marketing Explained.

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When you’re new to reaching out on more obscure social media platforms and communities, it can be intimidating, to say the least. Especially when it comes to Reddit because of the intense community that thrives daily on the website. This platform is largely underused by marketers but we can guarantee you that you can grow your brand with Reddit. But first, let’s go over exactly what Reddit is and how it works.

Reddit is a forum website, but not just any forum, it’s a site that has been known to be the front page of the internet. From discussing pop culture, movies, video games, sports, literature, and even memes, nothing is off limits when it comes to Reddit, except for marketing.

It can be a tricky platform to grow your brand, if you promote yourself too much, you will be risking getting banned for spam. Which is exactly why we’ve created this list, so you can figure out beneficial ways to legitimately market your brand and what you create through Reddit in a way that is genuine and real.

The whole point of Reddit is to form a community around different aspects of interest. The community is what makes Reddit, well, Reddit. So, classic growth hacking methods usually don't work with Reddit. If there were no community, there would be no way that this is the most popular site on the internet. Exploring ways to develop your social media marketing strategy to harnessing your social media outreach, there are many ways to expand your brand on Reddit. The possibilities are endless, and if you’re willing to learn what it takes to be successful on Reddit, you’re in the right place.

Get Involved In Your Community

Reddit marketing is different from other social media marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter. Like we mentioned above, Reddit is a thriving community, with tons of subreddits, aka threads that even seem like they were made for you. Reddit thrives in social media outreach, but you have to be involved when it comes to promoting yourself because you could have your posts banned, or even get banned yourself completely.

Link Connection CommunityTo avoid this from happening, focus on actually finding some communities to form connections with. Use the site like it was intended, actually get involved from a place of actual interest.

Don’t just get involved with the thought that you want to promote to the individuals in the thread. Reddit users aren’t stupid, and they’ll notice from a mile away if you’re the only purpose in the thread is to boast about your brand. Be respectful and try to have fun. When you grow your brand with Reddit, make sure that you don't look spammy, that you actually bring value.

You can’t just rush in, spam your website and leave, expect that people would be legitimately interested in what you have to offer. Because we can guarantee that this won’t be the case.


The small business subreddit is the best place to head when you’re new to the website. We’re by no means telling you to go there and spam your own company. But you can head over to the thread and learn more about the community that probably most relates to you and your goals.

Not only will you find growth hacking tips and tricks to apply to your endeavors, but you’ll also befriend the community the more you reach out and get involved. As you should! Reach out to those around you in the thread, and before you know it, there will be tons of different ways you can master the art of creating your social media marketing strategy as you become more and more familiar with the thread.

Head over to the small business subreddit (/r/SmallBusiness) now and you'll learn quickly how to grow your brand with Reddit.

Keep Up To Date With Your Industry

Reddit offers fresh information you might not be able to find in one place when it comes to your industry. By following threads that have something to do with your brand, not only will you learn marketing tips you might not have known, but you’ll learn about all the upcoming trends and most importantly, what the people want!

RedditReddit offers a continuous flow of information on a variety of subjects. If you take the time to go through subreddits that deal with your industry, not only will you be able to share that information with your brand, but you’ll also learn how to navigate the Reddit site for a deeper understanding of what matters most to you.

As a side note, be cautious about the information you do find, this is the internet after all. Be a healthy skeptic, and you’ll be perfectly fine.

Post Great Content

Don’t go to Reddit with a slew of ideas on how to bypass the banning system and apply common growth hacking techniques when it comes to spamming your brand and company. Start using Reddit with the intention of wanting to be a genuine user that gives to the community. Post great content that will get you noticed. The better the content, the more upvotes you’ll receive. If you receive enough upvotes, you’ll eventually end up on the Hot page which is essentially the homepage that is always changing throughout the day.

As we said above, by using Reddit in an honest and fun way, you’ll find that there are many more ways you could bring up your brand more naturally, rather than just going in with the intention of growing your business. Things like this take time, this goes for all aspects of social media outreach, progress can’t just happen overnight, quality takes time to make an impact that is memorable.

Post it Content Board ColorfulTake a moment to brainstorm ideas, ask yourself, what do you think people will find interesting, what do people want to know the most, and what kind of valuable information can we offer that no one else can? This is the kind of information you should be able to share with the community on Reddit.

Once you have all of those, you can start to grow your brand with Reddit (But not before that). Posting relevant and quality content is one of those social media marketing tips that will never be outdated.

Be Hands On

Not only should you post and share great content, but there is a ton of opportunity when it comes to making your great content. To be involved in the Reddit community, a great way to get people talking about you is by creating original content unique to your Reddit.

Implement standards and ideas that flow throughout your brand, offer advice, let people know what you specialize in and create easy to use guides that have to do with your industry.

For example, if you own a restaurant, a great way to get some genuine engagement could be simply posting an original recipe and photos of the dish! Don't be a "growth hacker" who starts spamming to gain quick wins. This is NOT what a growth hacker is. If you do create content that’s original and unique to your skills, make sure that you create a call to action. This will encourage people not only to share your content but to also try out the recipe themselves!

Create Your Community

When you head over to the Reddit website, there should be a button called “Create Your Own Subreddit” at the top of the page. Before jumping in, make sure you know your target audience. You’ll be then prompted to create a subreddit that is unique to you! You can create anything you would like, but we would suggest creating a subreddit that focuses on what you know.

Do not create a subreddit that solely focuses on your business, because all this will do is shut people out from expressing their experiences and opinions, which is the whole point of Reddit. Instead, focus on a topic you know a lot about, and that is still broad enough that people would feel encouraged to get involved as well.

Having and owning your own relevant subreddit is without a doubt the best way to grow your brand with Reddit. Think about a relevant topic that your target audience might be interested in. Find out if a subreddit already exists. If it doesn't yet, create one and attract people into it.


AMA redditIf you’re having trouble coming up with a topic for a subreddit, you can always create an AMA! If you’re a master in a specific field in your industry, creating an AMA is a great way to expand your knowledge, while also engaging with the Reddit community. An AMA means, “I Am A (blank),” I am a writer, I am a Social Media Marketer, I am a chef, the possibilities are endless.

This idea can work well with anyone who specializes in quality knowledge in a specific area in the industry and trust us; people will want to know about it. If you want to find success, when you answer questions, make sure that your answers are insightful and valuable for the Reddit community. Not only is this a great way to introduce yourself to the community, but it will also encourage you to get involved and form lasting connections with individuals as well.

So, how to grow your brand with Reddit Growth Hacking?

For Reddit marketing, have a unique approach. Don't use the same growth hacking strategies that you use on other social media platforms. This is how you will find success! Overall, Reddit is a unique community with so much to offer when it comes to social media outreach for your brand. Reddit will give so much value to what you have to offer, and you will receive so much back from the community as well. It might seem scary to face over a million users on a platform you knew nothing about, but we’ve given you the right tools to step forward into the unknown.

We can ensure you that you can grow your brand with Reddit. Reddit is one of those neglected ways to promote your content and that's why you should try it. If you don't use this channel yet, test it by following our tips. Worst case scenario: it doesn't work for your business and you can try another channel.

Reaching out as a business has to do mainly with doing things that make you uncomfortable or unsure. This is just another step in that direction of achieving something great for your brand. Don’t overthink it, be respectful, be open to new ideas, and enjoy the constant flow of content continuously moving through the subreddits. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro! Investing In People Is One Of The Most Important Growth Hacks

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