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How to Get More Views on YouTube: Best Practices

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Do you know How to Get More Views on YouTube? The digital platform has become one of the most powerful tools for many people. Does not matter whether you are a singer or a business owner, you must use the digital platform in order to reach your target market and spread the word among your audience. In addition to offering wider reach and ROI, the best part about the digital platform is it is highly economical and it allows you to thrive on the latest advantages.

Well, you begin your journey on the digital platform then you get many options to spread your presence but the one particular digital platform that we are going to talk about in this blog post is YouTube.

You should know that video is the most consumed type of content in the modern era. You will be surprised to know 85% of the internet traffic comes only from videos and what can be a better platform than YouTube to promote your videos since this single video-based platform has more than 37 million videos and the number keeps on increasing every second.

Way to Get More Views on YouTube

When it comes to promoting video then most of the people prefer YouTube and nowadays, YouTube has almost become a synonym for videos on the digital platform. But if you are looking forward to getting more views on YouTube just like you increase traffic on Instagram then there are some tips and tricks that you can use. Keep reading to stay illuminated.

Always Use Keyword Rich Titles

One of the main things that you will need to pay attention to while making videos for YouTube is the title of the video, especially if you are planning to get more likes on your videos. If you are aware of keyword research and if you have been practicing keyword research for a very long time then this is where your experience of keyword research will come in handy. If you will use a keyword rich title that will be descriptive then it will do things; inform the users about what the videos are all about while attracting them and provide keywords for algorithms for relevancy purposes.

If you are now aware of keyword research then there are many free tools in the market that you can use without any issue. For example, to begin with, keyword research, you can start using a keyword planner or any other keyword research tool. You will even get the option of checking the popularity of keywords on YouTube only. So, always pay attention to the title while making a video for YouTube even if you are making a video for product promotion only.

Zero Down Your Particular Niche

There is no rebuttal in the fact that everyone looks forward to actionable tricks when it comes down to using YouTube but you should also know that all the successful YouTubers never skip this step, regardless of how academic one sounds.

If you are really interested in optimizing your YouTube strategy then the best thing that you can do is to be precise and highly selective about the content you will get there and your goal. This is highly necessary because while publishing a video on YouTube, you are not targeting everyone as YouTube is not like TV where everyone sees the ad, regardless of which type of target market you have.

So, instead of making a video and targeting everyone watching YouTube videos, you should first build your audience persona and then include your target market-specific elements in the video. This way, you can make your video distinct from what is already present in the market and thus you can target a specific set of audiences and increase your views.

Work on Your Thumbnail Images

If you are used to picking random thumbnail images thinking that they have nothing to do with the views on your videos then you are using the wrong approach. People can have an aversion to the wrong thumbnail or unattractive thumbnails since the attention span on YouTube and all the other digital platforms are very less. If you really want to amp up the number of views on your video then you have to start working on thumbnail images.

You should know that the thumbnail images or the hero images can act as a magic wand when it comes to increasing the number of views on your videos. But in the rush of increasing views through thumbnails, never use clickbait for your videos since by using this approach, you will end up increasing the bounce rate on your videos not the number of views.

Make sure to use high-quality images and always keep relevancy in mind. If you really want to make the audience succumb to your videos then you can use facial closeups and engaging fonts in your videos.

Start Making Transcripts of Your Videos

One of the main things that you should know here is captions or what is more popularly known as transcripts of videos have been a hot topic of debate for a very long time, especially when it comes to their role in increasing the number of views on a YouTube video. But instead of becoming a part of the debate, you must keep in mind that every type of closed caption can help you in getting more views on YouTube as they cater to the entire international audience and even the disabled ones.

If you rank on the organic search result of YouTube then you will get more views on youtube videos can increase rapidly and in addition to this, it can also offer you a sustainable way of viewership traffic. There is no rebuttal in the fact that it can quickly boost the views on YouTube through paid ads but it will never be a good term long solution. Always remember that behavioral analytics is always going to be a more meaningful factor when it comes to the algorithm of YouTube.

Use the Option of Autoplay for Embedded Videos

The new autoplay option in YouTube can become your best tool when it comes to increasing the number of views on your video. You should know that autoplay will automatically play the video when it is embedded. But don’t consider this as a quick trick to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos as you will have to be careful with it.

In many cases, the autoplay option annoys the users. If you are sure that your video is explanatory then you can surely use the autoplay option without any second thoughts otherwise, it is always a better idea to stay away from it. If the video will be explanatory and if it will have an auto-play option then the user can easily jump into the video. For enabling the autoplay option in your YouTube videos, you will have to simply enter a code at the end of URL in the Iframe and that’s all. But make sure to research well about the autoplay option before using it.

Last Word

Everyone publishing videos on YouTube expects to get millions of views but all of those people don’t have the right tips and tricks to get so many views and to build a perfect digital marketing strategy. By using all the tips mentioned in this blog post, will help you to get more views on youtube videos without burning a hole in your pocket.

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