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How To Get Free Cloud Storage On iPhone In 2022

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Since iCloud cloud storage can only provide 5GB of additional storage space for your iPhone, are you tired of deleting snapshots and media every few days to make up for the shortage? If you can’t store a large number of precious photos and videos on your mobile phone, no matter how powerful the mobile phone is and how high the camera pixels are, it doesn’t mean anything.

Therefore, we need large storage space. Although many different cloud storage applications and products provide more than 5GB of free cloud storage capacity, none of them can compete with TeraBox because it can provide us with 1024GB of super large storage space, and we can use it without any restrictions.

This article will introduce how to use iCloud storage provided by apple to expand storage capacity. The main method shared here is to use other cloud storage to replace iCloud storage, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding Apple’s mobile phone storage space. Next, we will share some cloud storage that can replace iCloud, and make a brief analysis according to the data comparison between them, So you can choose the most suitable free storage online to store your own data.

1. Download TeraBox On IPhone To Permanently Obtain 1024GB Of Cloud Storage

TeraBox can not only provide 1TB free cloud storage for iPhone but also provide 200MB secure personal area for important documents on iPhone, as well as remote uploading and downloading of documents. You may be surprised. TeraBox can support 20GB file instant uploading and downloading, and provide automatic backup, but this is very real. I have to say, TeraBox offers 2TB cloud storage at a much lower price than other cloud storage providers. Now we can download TeraBox’s completely free storage online on iPhone.

You can download the app from iPhone/iPad app store by following these steps:

  • What to know before developing a mobile app?
  • What is the mobile app development lifecycle?
  • Open your app store and search for TeraBox.
  • Download the app and signup via Google, Facebook, or Apple ID.
  • After signing up, you can always log in via these options and your mobile phone.
  • To use the app’s full functionality on your iPhone and free cloud storage, download the app from their website to quickly transfer files back and forth.

2. Login To TeraBox Online To Get 1024GB Unlimited Cloud Storage For Free

TeraBox is also available for Windows, Android, and MAC. It can be accessed through any mainstream Internet browser, and you can get free stored Linux gadgets from these gadgets.

Download the TeraBox application from the application market or login TeraBox official website, and you can get 1024GB of free storage online for free. Just like the app on the iPhone, you can log in with a variety of accounts, whether email, Facebook, Google, or apple ID. as long as you log in for the first time, you can get 1024GB of free storage space for life.

You may wonder why 1 TB of storage is available free of charge? TeraBox believes that free online storage is very important in today’s era. Everyone needs cloud storage with large storage space to save his data. He can generate private links to share with friends through encryption. He also needs a private storage space to store our private data.

3. 100 GB Free Cloud Storage Provider: Degoo App

Degoo is certainly generous when it comes to their free plan with 100GB of cloud storage for grabs. The free plan is quite limited though as uploading to the cloud via their desktop client simply isn’t possible with it. It’s important to note that you have to access your account every 90 days in order to keep the uploaded files with the free version. You can get a bunch of additional free storage though by Inviting friends – 500 GB upper limit (+5 GB per friend), Watching ads – Unlimited bonus space (+750 MB per watched ad).

Personally, I don’t like these strategies to increase storage space through certain actions. If there is neither, it is a feasible way to increase storage through a payment plan. Compared with other cloud storage providers, the decor is certainly cheaper. It supports MasterCard, Visa, and American Express (PayPal is not supported). Degoo also offers 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 10TB lifetime plans. I suggest you look at other better lifelong cloud storage plans before choosing which cloud storage to use.

4. 20 GB Cloud Storage Free Provider: Mega App

MEGA is a secure cloud storage service based in Auckland, New Zealand. Infamous hacker and internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom, originally founded the service to provide secure cloud storage with end-to-end encryption. The service is a public source, so the source code for the service can be accessed and audited by any third party. The service is now used by 210m users globally, and it is a secure and reliable service that users love because of its generous 15 GB of free cloud storage.

MEGA has changed quite a bit since its inception when free users were permitted to store 15GB of data. However, users can still enjoy the service for free and they can store up to 15GB of data, which is still generous considering you don’t have to pay. Most free cloud backup services only have 5GB of free storage, so this is excellent. You can use their Secure Cloud Storage on their website and download the app free from the iOS app store.

5. 50 GB Free Cloud Storage Provider: Media Fire App

MediaFire is a simple file sharing and storage platform. It allows users to store, share, and view media files within the MediaFire online, desktop, or mobile app interface. The vendor says MediaFire’s file storage system is private and secure. In terms of collaboration, users can invite friends to share files via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or email. MediaFire’s collaboration features include folder and file sharing, and controls for who can view and/or edit particular files. MediaFire supports 200+ file types, including photos, videos, songs, and documents.

Simply registering with the service unlocks a host of features. For instance, you now get 10 GB of storage for uploading and sharing files. Furthermore, each file can be up to 4 GB in size. MediaFire also uses the industry-standard rewards mechanism to give you the opportunity to earn more storage space by completing tasks such as installing the mobile app and connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Compare The 4 Methods Below For Cloud Storage Free

Now that we have discussed the best alternatives for iCloud on your iPhone, let’s see how they fare against each other.

While TeraBox and Degoo provide 100GB of free storage online, TeraBox costs more if you don’t auto-renew but provides unlimited upload devices. On the other hand, Mega only provides 50GB and costs a lot more to come anywhere close to TeraBox and Degoo. Even though TeraBox has more functions than others, a 2TB of premium storage for the lowest price is enough to make it the best free storage online in our books.


Through the above description, I believe you have learned about the free cloud storage on iPhones and iPad, and you can make a wise decision to select the best cloud storage to save your photos and videos and save them permanently.

Why is it permanent?? Because using TeraBox, you can store up to400,000 photos and up to 2000 movies while a whopping 6.5million private and vital documents. If even that much space isn’t enough, you can auto-renew for a small amount of $2.9 and get 2TB of cloud storage for double the amount of files and data for twice the lifetime.

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