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How to Develop A Telemedicine App Similar to Doctor on Demand

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The Healthcare Industry has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Telemedicine apps are needed to provide innovative solutions for the healthcare industry.

Statista predicts that the global telemedicine market will be worth nearly $460 billion by 2030. More than one million people have registered for the Doctor on Demand app, which is popular among telemedicine apps. Many business owners, startups, healthcare institutions, hospitals, and clinics plan to create an app like Doctor on Demand.

How do you begin the Telemedicine app development process? Let’s first discuss the key features of a Telemedicine app.

The Essential Features of a Telemedicine Application

Features of the Telemedicine App for Patients

  • Panel for User Login
  • Find a medical professional
  • Book an appointment
  • Video Conferencing With Doctors
  • Integrate payment gateways

Telemedicine App Features for Doctors

  • Doctors’ Panel
  • Handle Appointments
  • In-App Messages

Create a Telemedicine App Similar to Doctor On Demand

Validate Your App Idea

You must validate your app idea in order to create a great app that meets the needs of patients and doctors. Do extensive research to find out what the most important aspects are for patients, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. To validate your idea, and to build the best telemedicine application, you can seek the help of an app development company on-demand.

Get a Quote from Developers

You can describe to the Mobile App Development Company your Telemedicine app concept and include as many details as possible.

Get a list of must-have features for the Telemedicine App

After choosing the Telemedicine software company to develop your project, you will need to discuss details with them and sign a nondisclosure agreement. Developers and the project manager will present a list of Application features to your MVP and create prototypes for your project.

Start The Development Phase

After you have completed the MVP project spectrum, divide the features into smaller user stories that are easy to use. Next, you can begin to create the code and test it. For more information, you can refer to the Telemedicine App Development Guide.

Authorize The Demo of The Application

The on-demand app development company will display the results of the project after creating the MVP. The Mobile App Developers will upload the MVP of the project to the App Marketplace, and then begin adding advanced features.

Get Your Telemedicine App Released

The App development company will add all the application features to the project scope and begin the final product demonstration. They will also deliver your Telemedicine app along with any project-related information such as Designs, Layouts, and Mock-ups. Access to App stores and Databases will also be available. Your Telemedicine app, Doctor on Demand, will be available on the app marketplaces.

Wrapping up

Healthcare is a promising sector that will continue to grow. Doctor on Demand, a telemedicine app, provides remote patients with efficient diagnosis and treatment. You can hire an Indian app developer to develop an interactive app if you are looking to invest in such visions or if you have an idea for an app. They will help you navigate the process. But, I strongly recommend that you conduct a rigorous screening process for tech providers with similar experience.

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