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How to Come Up With Original Blog Post Ideas

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Coming up with new blog post topic ideas to write about on a daily basis can be a struggle even for the most experienced content marketers. And creating original blog post ideas that educate and resonate with an audience (aka posts that don’t suck) can be even more difficult.

We understand that you’re likely experiencing some writer’s block when it comes to creating new blog posts, and we’re here to help. Below, we’ve listed 3 tips for coming up with original blog post ideas that engage your audience.

Put a New Spin on Old Content

Creating an original idea for your next blog post can be as simple as putting a new spin on an old piece of content, be it your own or a competitor’s. Here are some angles you can use to make your repurposed blog post idea feel fresh:

  • Take a new angle. Did you write an old post on best practices for B2B Twitter advertising? Switch it up and write about the “B2B Twitter Advertising Mistakes to Avoid.” 
    • Insert industry insight. Collect feedback from B2B companies on effective Twitter advertising strategies they’ve used and write about “B2B Companies Share Their Most Effective Twitter Advertising Tips.”
    • Show your audience how to make money. Most people are interested in ways to make more money or a bigger return on their investment. You can write about “B2B Twitter Advertising Tips to Get the Biggest ROI for Your Company.”

Ask Your Audience

Another tip for coming up with original blog post topics that you know your audience will want to read about is to simply ask them. Use social media to engage with your readers and discover what topics they want to learn more about, or simply request within your blog posts that visitors leave comments about what they’d like to see next.

If your audience is on Twitter, try taking advantage of the platform’s new Polls feature to have users choose between two blog post topics you present them.

Jump on Trending Topics

You can come up with an original blog post idea and help ensure that it is interesting to your modern-day audience by knowing what’s trending in the internet world.

Use trending hashtags on Twitter and current news and entertainment topics to help stoke your creative blog idea-generating juices and create posts that are both relevant to your industry niche and to the world at large.

Coming up with original blog post ideas that don’t suck begins with finding inspiration in new sources. Use these tips in your own post-creation process and generate more clicks and traffic to your site.

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