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How to Boost Brand Awareness through Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer marketing has two main goals. The first goal is to make sales by using the social media platforms of influencer marketers. This is a short-term goal that most businesses will prioritize.

Your decision-making will be justified if you see immediate ROI from your influencer campaign. This is a tangible result that can be used to prove your marketing strategy is effective.

Influencer marketing’s second goal is to increase brand awareness. This is a more abstract and quantifiable goal, but it is extremely important.

Which Brand Do Your Customers Know About?

Brand Awareness refers to the level of familiarity that consumers have with a business, product, or service. Although it is difficult to measure, the value of customers knowing and recognizing what you are selling is enormous.

A brand that they are unfamiliar with or have never had any association with is unlikely to be a popular choice for consumers.

It’s much easier to sell products to people who are familiar with you. According to the Content Marketing Institute, building brand awareness is the number one goal for B2C marketers.

This is where influencer marketing can be a huge asset. The influencers who have thousands of followers can boost your brand’s visibility to their large audience. Many of them highly value the influencers’ opinions.

Let’s look at how influencer marketing can increase brand awareness and lead to more conversions.
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Mere Exposure Effect

The mere exposure effect is a key aspect of psychology and influencer marketing. Simply put, the mere exposure effect is a psychological theory that describes how people develop positive feelings about and prefer things because they are familiar with them.

The brain’s ability to remember what is presented over and over again can leave a lasting impression.

This lasting impression is often translated into feelings of trust. This effect is a key part of micro-influencer marketing agencies.

People who follow someone who is a brand ambassador will see recurring content about a business’s products and services, especially if they are following them.

A positive association with a brand can result in conversions.

Positive exposure is the key to brand awareness. A brand’s exposure has a lasting effect on a customer. Even though the immediate impact of a brand is not immediately tangible, it can have a lasting effect on a consumer’s decision to make upcoming purchases.

Invites Consumers to Sales Funnel

Discovery/awareness is the first step in the sales funnel. This process is not easy. The introduction is key to attracting customers. There is no way to sell if customers don’t get your brand or product.

Even though the initial social post by an influencer may not result in immediate sales, it is still an important step in the sales funnel process. It increases awareness.

The sales funnel is a complex process. Perhaps someone clicks the link in the post of an influencer, visits your site, and subscribes to your newsletter but does not buy.

They might have read about your company, become familiar with your business, and then decide not to buy. These are still positive results for businesses, as they go from being uninformed to qualified leads.

It is wrong to measure the success of a campaign solely in terms of sales dollars. This ignores some of the important benefits that influencer marketing offers.

This allows for mass introductions, which allow you to show your brand to large numbers of people and thus enter them into your sales funnel.

Even if they don’t purchase or enter your site, it provides a mass introduction, a way to showcase your brand to a large number of people, thereby entering them into your sales funnel.

Businesses can amplify core messages

Influencers are able to influence how brand awareness is created. This is the best thing about it. The message, product, and influencer are yours to choose. Businesses can then show the best version of themselves to a large audience.

People who have a large number of followers that are passionate about what they say are called Influencers.

Businesses can benefit from their platform and see their reputation rise through association. It is hard to overstate the importance of brand awareness through influencer marketing.

An excellent example of the importance of brand awareness in influencer marketing is when Shoes of Prey used Blair Fowler, a YouTube influencer, to promote their products. This video received 750,000 views and 15,000 comments. What’s the best part? This led to Shoes of Prey’s sales increasing by 30%

The amplification of your ideal message via social media celebrities can have a powerful impact.

Their followers will be invested in their words, regardless of whether they are micro-influencers or mega-influencers. This is a great way to build a positive brand association that will lead to long-term success.

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