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How These On-Demand Healthcare Startup Models can Give a new Dimension to the Healthcare Segment?

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Technological advancement has revolutionized the healthcare sector in the last 10 years. Starting from telemedicine for rural communities, digitization of medical records to AI based accurate diagnostic tests, there is no area untouched by technology. Scientific communities are now testing robots performing surgery. AI algorithms are used to predict the early risk of diseases in people by processing millions of data from the body. AI for healthcare application will cross $1.7 billion at the end of 2019. 

Who would have thought that robots will perform surgery and computer will predict the risk of diseases?

Apart from hardcore techs, new healthcare startups using the on-demand app based model are emerging every day to disrupt the healthcare segment. These startups are creating a new market which makes healthcare easily accessible by all people. After all, easy access to healthcare is one of the goals of many countries.

In the US alone by 2030, 98 million people will be 70+ of age. This alone will give a different adoption curve for digital healthcare.

Now, before going deep into the new on-demand healthcare startup models, let me explain to you the change that is made to healthcare by technology so far..

Improved care 

Medical professionals are increasingly using digital devices to record patient data and share it with specialized people to get instant results. Also, being able to consolidate vital data under a centralized system has increased the overall efficiency.   

Disease control

Specialized software is used to classify diseases, its symptoms and causes turning into a massive database. This data is accessed by medical professionals to analyze and control the diseases. Also, people find that digital records have brought more transparency.  

Easily accessible treatment

The problem of poor access to healthcare and treatment is a thing of the past. People from rural areas to urban areas are able to get equal and quick medical access.

On-demand medical professionals booking

Earlier we said about telemedicine but it can’t be relied upon for everything. Some cases must be directly treated by a medical professional or necessary test can be taken only in person. 

But, for taking at-home tests and getting treated by a doctor immediately is a bit difficult in rural and semi-urban areas. It is not because of the lack of willingness, but because of poor connectivity between patients and medical professionals.

On-demand app based medical professionals booking startup model can seamlessly eliminate the above said problem. Medical professionals like doctors, optometrists, lab testers, etc can list their name in the app platform.

Users who need medical service can search and book the apt professional in the app. Now, the professional use the navigation in the app to locate the patient’s place. Different apps are used by patients and doctors.

The revenue model also seems to be attractive and socially conscious entrepreneurs can take up this startup model and be a part of the community that revolutionizes healthcare.

Pharmacy delivery

Patients have easily accessed the doctors using the mobile app. Now, what will they do for medicines if it is not available in the nearby pharmacy? This problem is not only in rural areas, but even in cities, getting specific medicines has become tiresome. 

Someone or two pharmacies may have the required medicine far away from the patient’s location. Here, pharmacy ordering and delivery app can be used. The overall function is similar to that of the on-demand doctors booking. After all, the on-demand model works the same for every service that is brought under it.

The pharmacy delivery app works similar to that of the online marketplace. All the surrounding drug shops can list their products in the app. Users while searching a particular medicine will be shown the pharmacies that have it. 

This is a win-win situation for users and pharmacies because it is found that the sales doubled when a product is listed online.

Existing pharmacies or new entrepreneurs can confidently enter this less capital intensive business model.

App for massage service and fitness trainer

How frequently an average working person is going to a fitness center or massage service? The frequency is low nowadays because of no time and stress. It is ironical to say that people are not hitting the gym or massage service because of stress, but this is what happens nowadays.   

Still, even after all these impediments, people are willing to destress and live a healthy lifestyle. And to their advantage, there are personal trainers and massage professionals available.

Again the problem here is to easily locate them. Here again, an app would be of much use. 

Fitness trainers and massage professionals can list their service along with the specialties and rate on the app. Required people can search and book them on the app. 

This is again a new platform for startup entrepreneurs. Individual fitness trainers and massage professionals also can earn more by listing on the app and this helps to expand their horizons.

Final say

As technology advances, be it in the form of on-demand healthcare appstartups or anything else, millions of people will be able to get quality service with more effectiveness and patient involvement will also be more. On the other hand, it is a great opportunity for startup enthusiasts to come up with innovative on-demand ideas like we have mentioned above. 

By 2030, many developing and developed countries will suffer from aged population and it is inevitable to give affordable, equal, and easy access to healthcare services.

Investors are also looking to invest in healthcare startups and no wonder that these startups will give a new dimension to healthcare.

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