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How Much Does It Cost To Develop an Android App?

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In the world of fast-changing technology, most businesses desire to know the cost of developing an app. According to Net Solutions, an average android app development company would charge approximately a minimum of $60000 to a maximum of $300000 per platform. Several factors, such as application type, the complexity of design and functionality, and the number play an indispensable role in the cost of development. You will find the intricate details of the cost of developing an Android app below.

Typical Cost

As mentioned before, several factors dictate the total cost of app development. This cost ranges from a minimum of $60000 to upwards of $400000. This figure is subject to change depending on the situation. Some IT vendors charge $40 per hour.

Simple application development can cost approximately $60000. This includes simple applications like a calculator and camera. Conversely, the basic application price starts from $60000 to $150000 per platform.

Complex applications with custom and multi-feature platforms typically start from $300000. The development process varies depending on the complexity, whereby a small app might take three months. Conversely, a complex product takes nine months.

Benchmark of App Development Cost

Today, app startups are typical due to increased demand and use by the vast population in conducting normal daily activities. According to the Clutch Survey in 2015, the cost of developing a median app is approximately $171450 over 1143 hours. This cost increases to $727500 for complex applications. In 2017, the Clutch Survey established that the minimum average ranges from $5000 to $10000.

Understanding the Basics of App Development Cost

There are several elements to consider when calculating the cost of developing an application. These elements form the basics and include the native versus hybrid applications, Android versus iPhone operating system, misconceptions about the mobile application process, and the reasons behind expensive application development.

A native app design follows a specific operating system. Each system is built separately, which increases the price. However, the hybrid application development process involves multiple operating systems and thus reduces the cost.

Android App Development Cost Calculator

A specific formula is used to calculate the cost of building an application. The cost is a product of the total development time and the hourly rate. A reliable android app development company usually estimates this cost by using:

  • Sum of all features to accomplish, which is the concept
  • List of features required to accomplish the concept, which is stories
  • Show the application development complexity and pace called story points

What Affects Mobile Application Costs?

These surveys point out that the most determining factors include the vendor type, the vendor location, and application complexity. You should consider the number of features, the complexity of UX design, and the development approach. Other factors include:

  • Inclusion of branded visual elements
  • Number of platforms like iOS and Android to be developed
  • Connected APIs and backend infrastructure

In conclusion, the cost of developing an app that’s to be used nationwide by public enterprises and media centers can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It all depends on how the app will look and act, so it fits the subject better. Therefore, you have to consider the above-mentioned factors when calculating the cost of developing an android app.

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