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How Mobile Apps can Change The E-Commerce Industry?

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We live in the internet age. The internet is able to handle most of our day-to-day activities, from checking email in the morning to ordering dinner in the evening. The internet’s business benefits are even more impressive than you might think.

These are the “apps”. A recent report estimates that there will be 6 billion mobile users by 2020. It is predicted that 2022 will see 258.2 million app downloads.

An app is a must-have for any E-Commerce business owner. An app can help you reach the right audience and beat your competitors.

Let’s look at the advantages of an app for your eCommerce business.

Enhanced User Experience

Your priority is your users. You can make it easy for them to communicate with you through your app. You can include the following features in your app to make it easier:

  • Camera- Let’s say you own a fashion eCommerce store. You allow your customers to share their apparel on social networks for marketing purposes. You will need to allow the camera to be used through your app. This feature is more popular if more people use it.
  • This feature is available in many food logistics apps, as well as shopping apps. This feature eliminates the need to add the shipping address. It can be used to help users locate the closest branch of your company.
  • Voice Search — People like the simplest ways to do things and voice search allows them to do that. Voice search allows users to speak and get what they want using voice search.

Conversion Rates are Boosted

Your audience will convert into customers if you have a great UX and easy navigation. Apps offer a huge conversion rate with 3x more returns than mobile websites, and almost 1.5x lower costs than desktop sites.

Users who use an app rather than a website enjoy exploring more products.

Lesser Shopping Cart Abandonments

A report shows that the average cart abandonment rate is 67.91%. Shopping cart abandonment is the first issue in an E-Commerce company’s list. Many customers add their favorite items to the cart, then abandon them when they are done. Why? It could be the additional charges or the complicated navigation process. When other businesses offer a simple navigation system, people don’t want to go that extra mile when shopping.

A mobile app can solve this problem. An app makes navigation easy and lowers abandonment rates.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow you to notify your users about new products, sales, and other information right from their phones. You should not bombard your users with notifications that could cause them to uninstall your app.

The success of any mobile application depends on push notifications. It is important to discuss this issue with your app development company. This feature is simple and will increase brand awareness, as well as give users a reason to return to your app again and again.

It is important to remember that every feature added to the mobile app will increase its overall cost. You should also know the Cost of Making an App. Your chances of them purchasing your app will increase the more they use it. This will help you build a stronger relationship with your users.

Improved Usability

Although it is easy to build an app, it is more difficult than building one that offers strong features and an excellent user experience. Improved usability will make your business stand out to customers who download and use your app.

Your app should take no more than three seconds to load. If it takes longer, users may abandon it. App load time, as well as navigation, should be fast and flexible.

To Wrap Up

A mobile app can increase conversions and sales, as we have already mentioned. It’s not enough to have an app, but having a well-built one is equally important. Your app should have the ability to retain your users and convert them into customers.

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