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How Gamification Methods can help Your Online Business

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The longer a person stays on your site, the more likely they are to take action. And many website owners are always looking for ways to make sure that happens.

They space out the content in a way to keep people scrolling or add video at just the right section of the content.

There are so many ways to go about this, but a very effective and often overlooked way is to gamify the site. This is a process in which a user engages with the content as if they were playing a video game. With the right user on your site, it can convert like crazy.

In this article, we will go over several ways that you can implement gamification on your site and see how it goes.

What is gamification?

In its simplest form, gamification is just the interactivity of a website. It is a system in which visitors can perform a function on a website.

Whether it is to do something in which points are won or a code is unlocked to get additional content.

The whole idea is to create something that the user can interact with for fun and then see some kind of reward for having done so. The idea is not only to keep the user on the site longer but also to excite them so they are more likely to convert.

As a bonus, the longer a user stays on the site, the better it does in the search engine rankings.

Which type of gaming system on your site depends on your typical visitors and what you want them to do.

Types of gamification

There are so many different types of gamification that can be used that there is no way to list them all here. However, there are several popular ones that you may want to start with.

Mystery Wheel – 

Everybody loves coupons so they can get a discount. And people also love to win things. You can make giving away a discount to your product a fun experience by offering a mystery wheel game that people can play to get points that give them a certain coupon code to use at check out. They spin the wheel and rack up the points.

Daily Bonus Points – 

Getting return customers is a challenge for many website owners. One of the most effective ways is to give points that can be redeemed once a certain amount is scored.

And by offering daily points then you can ensure that people keep coming back so they can increase their discount.

Advantages of gamification

One of the biggest advantages to having gamification on your site is to collect data on the users. As users try different games, you can see which ones they preferred and use those to entice more interaction.

You’ll also see how people do engage with your site to be able to optimize the site even better for conversions.

And the more people interact with the site and keep coming back, brand loyalty is developed. And this is how you can grow your site to something really special.

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