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How EdTech is Transforming Education

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We live in the so-called digital era where we experience technological innovations and advancements constantly. 

Technological developments have considerably affected the way we live our lives, from our shopping habits to the way we do business. That said, it’s no wonder that EdTech is transforming education as well.

Ease of Communication

Once upon a time, it was necessary to talk to teachers face-to-face or call them on the phone to talk. Nowadays, it’s possible to keep the lines of communication open between the teachers, students, teachers and parents, and teachers and students in a more effective and faster way. 

Thanks to smartphone technology and various messaging apps as well as email, it’s never been easier to communicate with one another, which has proven to be quite useful for more informed academic efforts, too.

Differentiated Instruction and Classroom Inclusion

Providing efficient education to students of all learning styles has always been a challenge for many teachers. With the help of EdTech, it’s now possible to address differentiated instructions easier and in a more entertaining manner, through interactive and engaging apps. 

Furthermore, the need to cater the lessons to individual student needs is also critical when creating an inclusive classroom environment. Again, this is where technology can lend a hand. 

Namely, students who find visual learning more effective can watch videos instead of just listening; they can play a game to understand the subject better, utilize technology for note-taking, and so on.

Lessons Have Become More Interactive

Passive learning has been an issue for the longest time but thanks to technological advancements in society, technology in education allowed the students to experience interactive learning. 

Using gadgets such as tablets, computers, and smartphones is just the start of the interactive learning process. It’s expected to welcome virtual reality and even robotics into the classrooms to further engage the students in the subjects and allow them to experience the learning material first-hand.
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Video Streaming for Learning

With the option to play various educational videos, students nowadays are able to gain information about a certain subject from various sources. 

What’s more, they can actually see something done in practice without having to wait for their teachers in classrooms to show it to them. 

The options of video streaming are endless as it allows the students to instantly process a required set of actions, be it an IT type of a manual, or something like a tennis instruction video. Through videos, students are instantly able to understand and grasp the meaning behind the audio as well. 

Not only does this enhance the effectiveness of the lesson learned but it also allows the students to expand their own views of the world.

Collaboration and Connectivity

Both students and teachers are able to utilize the Internet, which provides them with instant connectivity unimaginable just two decades ago. 

Students from all over the world can connect with one another and share their knowledge and ideas, but the same goes for the teachers, too. 

Education is pretty much a universal language and it’s possible to access websites where one can share their own resources as well as make use of the resources left by other teachers or students. As such, modern online technology has made global collaboration possible and extremely beneficial.

Distance Learning Is Nothing New

As mentioned, the Internet and digital technologies have made it possible to connect with other people globally, which has also led to one amazing advantage in education – distance learning. In this day and age, distance learning is viewed as a norm, but it was far from it just a decade ago.

Essentially, wherever there’s an Internet connection, students can access virtual classrooms through different tools and have a comprehensive learning session regardless of where they are in the world. 

The same goes for teachers. That way, it’s possible to continue learning and expanding one’s knowledge without the need to step into the classroom physically.

Resources Are More Accessible

It’s important to state just how vast the resource pool is with the advancements in digital technologies. We already mentioned the resources that teachers can share on certain websites, but that’s far from everything. 

Nowadays, it’s possible to access huge libraries in online forms as well as utilize educational mobile applications which make the whole learning experience more engaging as well as less costly for everyone involved.

With new technologies getting developed as we speak, we can only expect further transformations of the classroom environment and education as a whole. On a global level, different technologies are getting utilized as a part of every-day learning. 

That said, we’re already living in the future and the only uncertainty involves the new innovations we’re bound to see for further upgrades and changes to the educational system and institutions. 

After all, technology has become deeply ingrained in the lifestyle of modern society, and education is a crucial part of it all. 

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