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How Display Advertising Can Boost Your Business

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Making money online can take time, but it becomes much easier with a little bit of digital marketing know-how. Advertising online can either be a goldmine or a money leech depending on how you do it; with display advertising, you’re likely to hit a goldmine if you do it right.

You’ve likely encountered many display advertisements without realizing it. They are somewhat small but effective advertisements that will appear on various websites you frequent, whether on your phone or on your computer.

In order to understand how display advertising can boost your business, having a thorough understanding of what display advertising is is important.

The Basics of Display Advertising

Display advertising involves images of some kind that come together to create a digital ad, usually consisting of a combination of words, pictures, short videos, or company logos. These ads can appear throughout a webpage, from top to bottom, and they are often designed to entice someone to click on them.

Plenty of display advertisements that tend to be memorable have a combination of texts and images. Some of these ads might appear to be fishy or spammy at first glance, but the truth of the matter is, that they have a unique way of piquing our curiosity enough to give them a click.

Some of the more suspect businesses that use these ads rely on people accidentally clicking on them to open them up, as the clicks themselves can generate money. However, just because some businesses overuse these ads doesn’t mean they aren’t used in legitimate ways, and moreover, they are just as effective for legitimate businesses.

How to Set Up Display Advertising

In order to be able to take advantage of display advertising, you will have to be monetized by Google. In order to do this, you will have to establish a website for your product, service, or business. Once you are able to get your website monetized, you can start developing some advertisements to put on display.

When you start using display advertising, you can also track analytics to see how they perform as you would with any other type of Google activity. You will be able to get an indication of how your ads are performing and contributing to your brand’s growth.

Furthermore, keeping yourself updated on the way Google changes, such as new features, is important. This helps you keep your ads innovative. You may have to test out ads a bit to see what works for you.

How Display Advertising Earns You Money

The great thing about display advertising is the ads themselves can earn you money while also working as a way to draw in potential customers. You also have the opportunity to target a specific demographic in the way that you set up your advertisements.

The ads need to be relevant and intriguing enough to make people want to click on them, which is the tricky part of display advertising. Clicks can not only mean conversion but can mean Google Adsense money. However, getting people to click the ads can be tough as many are led to believe they are spam or spyware. Thus, relying on clicks alone isn’t recommended.

When you are able to have your content noticed by the people you are certain are interested in your business, you’re likely to see some improvements in conversion. That said, these ads have to be quality ads in order to do so. This ensures that the people they are targeted as potential customers will gravitate towards your ads, increasing awareness, the potential for clicks, and of course, conversion.

Monetization will not only allow you to create advertisements that can show on other websites, but it also allows you to host display advertisements. This means you can earn money from allowing other companies to advertise on your website.

Doing Display Advertising The Right Way

One of the most crucial elements of any display ad is a clear indication of what you’re selling. This can be done in two ways. You can directly advertise who you are or what your brand is by having a very clear, enticing logo. This way, if people don’t end up clicking on your ad, your company has still entered their frame of reference.

Another strategy many effective digital advertisements gravitate towards is the attention-grabbing statement. This may play into click-baiting a small amount, though it’s important to avoid too much clickbait so your brand doesn’t lose trust.

How Businesses Use Display Advertisements Successfully

One of the best ways to ensure your display advertisements will boost your business is to ensure they are enabled with retargeting capabilities. When an internet user visits a page that features your display advertisement, cookies will help that advertisement carry over onto more pages they visit.

The more they see it, the more likely they are to remember it, and be more curious as to what it is you have to offer. Google allows for this to be done fairly easily. The great thing about this feature is it shows users advertisements that are geared towards their interests based on their internet usage.

Important Tip: Keep It Simple

Finding the right balance between keeping advertisements digestible, having them say what needs to be said, and having them appropriately reflect your brand can be a challenge. This is why online marketing and graphic design are such big industries.

Attention-grabbing ads don’t need to be flashy with a ton of bright colors or moving graphics; they just need the right amount of fluff with a clear message and call to action that what your business is selling is what the targeted audience needs.


With how much content is published on the internet every single day, it can seem almost impossible to make your own advertising stand out. With display advertising, it can either go unnoticed or be something that makes people divert their attention long enough to see what you have to say and remember it.

Display advertising can boost your business when you use it properly. Focus on trying to get your advertisements clear in the most visually impactful way, and you’re likely to see more clicks, which can help lead to conversion, which is the ultimate goal for everyone wanting to make money online.

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