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How did Technology Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

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It’s no secret that modern technology is responsible for various advancements in the healthcare industry. Nowadays, technology is not just common but also necessary to help medical professionals around the world combat various diseases and conditions.

You can find various tech ranging from hearing aid gadgets developed by companies, such as Audiences to artificial intelligence (AI) powered diagnostic systems across the healthcare industry.

It’s safe to say that modern technology is leading the way forward. With that in mind, here’s how technology has revolutionized the healthcare industry.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is considered to be one of the most revolutionizing technologies ever to be used in the healthcare industry.

Even today, AI is used in the development of new treatment plans, drugs, and management of medical records due to its machine learning and deep learning capabilities. It may appear that AI’s applications in the healthcare industry are virtually limitless.

Google certainly seems to think so as they’re using their DeepMind AI to create a reliable screening for breast cancer. Google’s AI was fed information from thousands of mammograms, because of which it managed to outperform some of the best radiologists in detecting breast cancer.

Augmented Reality (AR)

When people hear about AR technology they associate it with video games. However, AR technology has come a long way in the last few years and is now revolutionizing healthcare as we know it.

AR technology was first used back in 2018 when a team of scientists and surgeons from the Imperial College of London performed reconstructive limb surgery at St Mary’s Hospital.

They used Microsoft HoloLens to overlay CT images that included the position of bones, blood vessels, and muscle tissue. This allowed the surgeons to basically see through the limb itself.

3D printing

Believe it or not, 3D printing is one of the pioneering technologies in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals quickly realized that this technology has the potential to revolutionize prosthetic limbs and other aids.

As a matter of fact, it is much cheaper to 3D print something directly in the hospital than it’s to outsource the production to a licensed manufacturer. This will lower the costs of medical bills for those in need of prosthetics. Moreover, it will help medical professionals develop much more efficient prosthetics, in general.

Closing Words

Modern technology is becoming more and more helpful to medical professionals across the globe. Without technology’s aid, the healthcare industry wouldn’t be nearly as efficient as it is today.

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