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How can we Improve our Real Estate Sales Skills?

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Successful real estate agents stand apart from the others by being great at their jobs and really benefit their clients. The best agents are passionate about what they do and work equally well with sellers and buyers. Most successful agents have a proven track record and do not hesitate to provide testimonials of past work.

There are many traits and characteristics you need to become a successful real estate agent in today’s competitive market.

Some of these are listed and explained in detail below to help budding real estate agents entering the profession to succeed in the field of a successful agent in the real estate market. They are not aggressive, but are passionate and work hard to put their clients’ interests ahead of their own.

The Skills You Need to Become a Successful Estate Agent

Communication Skills

The real estate industry is known for having poor communication. This is why, as a real estate agent who is seeking a successful real estate career, you should desire to master your communication system and platform. The best real estate agent is good with people and knows how to communicate the interests of their clients.

A good agent then knows how to convince both parties to close a successful deal. The best agent should be able to negotiate all aspects of a deal so that both parties benefit from the deal. Good communication skills help an agent to discuss all matters before a contract is drafted.

Listen To Your Clients

The art of listening is a talent that far from few have and or master. Your clients do not need a house, and a house is just a tool they use to solve something else. Slow up and build an amazing door side manner to listen to your clients’ needs. Understand how they want to be communicated to. Always assume difference, because some prefer text, while others prefer a phone call, and others prefer emails.

Be Honest & Caring

Sometimes what your clients need is not out there, so you need to be able to explain to them what is out there. The market, perhaps the last time they bought or sold, has drastically changed, so their thoughts are outdated. Before it might have been a buyer’s market and today it might be a seller’s market.

Do Your Research Prior To Meeting With Your Clients

A great REALTOR® will still print out the MLS sheets for their clients, highlight important things, put them in order, and staple them for their clients.

Plus, they will include comps for each home and include how quickly the homes are selling and how they are tending. In addition to this, they will provide local factual information on the community and surrounding areas for things like shopping, parks, and well-known public things.

It is ok to not know something, but it is always better to do your research ahead of time so that you know most of the answers. You are somebody they are counting on to provide a great and well-informed real estate experience.

Stay Current On Industry Trends

Be actively involved by studying your local and national trends. This will mean always looking at what is active, what is under contract, and what has sold. Then read, listen, and watch trusted national resources to help you keep a national pulse on the overall market.

Find A Mentor, Coach, and Training Support

Sometimes you will need to hire a coach while other times your real estate brokerage will be able to provide you with high-quality free mentorship, coaching, and training. Obviously, if your brokerage is founded on open and transparent advanced training then free is awesome.

If that is not your brokerage, you will either want to find a new real estate brokerage that functions this way or pay for some awesome coaching. This will help you improve your real estate agent skills.

Be Professional, Presentable, and Likable

A lot of real estate agents see people talking a big game on videos on Youtube or Facebook, so they think they too can look at that part prior to even researching if those people even produce a single sale.

You will want to look and act professionally. If lower-paying jobs look and act more professional than you, then you will have to wonder where your career is going to take you. Then you will want to be likable. Remember, likable does not mean friends.

Be Easy To Contact

Being easy to reach is critical. You do not want real estate clients having to work hard to reach you to help you make a living. You should have set hours of work and make those hours clear. This could mean having two different cell phones and laptops and you turn your cell phone and laptop off when your business hours end.

Being physically reachable with time limits is just fine. Having mid-day naps or just ignoring communication during your business hours will make it hard to grow and scale your business.

Adopt Real Estate Technology

Dorrmat focuses on keeping real estate agents current when it comes to real estate and technology. What technology can help your clients have a better experience? Will you need to learn how to use it yourself? You will want to constantly be listening to reviews of new technology from agents and clients.

If it is something good and can make your clients’ experience that much better or it can make you deliver that much better of a client experience, then think about adopting it. Then as a real estate agent, make sure you belong to a tech-savvy real estate brokerage.

Most real estate agents are older, and the older you get, it becomes harder to teach you new tricks– or we mean technology. Hence, remember that it might take you a bit longer as a real estate agent to advance in your technology, but your career will thank you if you work hard to keep current with technology trends.

Remove Barriers

You want to remove the barriers for your prospects and clients. This is a multi-layered thought. This can be as simple as them being able to reach you their way.

This could mean adding a bot on your website, having communication through social media, SMS communication, email communication, and simply picking up the phone when they call during business hour communication, and if you cannot, then have an answering service do this.

Then this will hold true for real estate leads looking to sell their house. As a real estate agent, you will want to make the home selling process as seamless and professional as possible. This means hiring the right support to do the right things at the right time. Most real estate agents try to wear every hat under the roof.

Follow Up With Every Lead

As a successful real estate agent, you will want to follow up with every lead. Technology can help you with this and so can two old-school items. Every real estate agent should have a great CRM with reminders in place, a large dry erase board and a spiral notebook.

Your Medium-hot to burning-hot leads from your CRM will be on your dry erase board, and your burning-hot leads will be on your spiral notebook page that you replace daily. This way you are keeping the right real estate clients in front of your mind. So after we want to be in front of their mind and forget about them being in front of our minds.

Seek Feedback

As a professional real estate agent, you want to seek feedback from many parties. Many real estate agents do not seek feedback at all. We firmly believe to have a happy real estate career, one must seek feedback from all parties around them.

This means R should be asking the front office and back office of their real estate brokerage how they are doing. Then, ask your lender and escrow relationships.

Plus of course, as a successful real estate agent, you should be asking your clients and the other real estate agents you worked with how you are doing.

In Summary

The real estate industry is quickly changing, so real estate agents will need to improve their skills, think and act locally, remove barriers, master social media marketing, and seek advanced training to build a master-level real estate career. Regardless if a prospect is buying or selling, you need the lead-industry skills to deliver world-class experiences.

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